Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hey folkz, I’m Roman from Germany working as service technician, been always keen on electronics and microcontroller stuff and just started a new hobby with my new amazing Snapmaker3D…let’s make :smile: :v:


Hello @mason82

Doug the newbie here (in Australia), welcome to the party… This is a new adventure for many of us and we are having fun.

Have a great week.



Thanks mate, same for you!


Hi, I’m Michelle from Moana, South Australia. I’m a complete newbie to 3D printing and forums so please bear with me.
I run a small business called The Sensory Sanctuary, I supply sensory products for children through to adults. So I’m wanting to use my Snapmaker for these purposes.
But I also LOVE big earrings with a passion, so I’m hoping to make some really different earrings for myself also.


Hello @shellygold

Doug the newbie here, in Brisbane. Welcome to the party.

I too was a complete newbie a few months ago. Now I am designing my own parts using Fusion 360 and printing them. The forum is a great source of information and advice from knowledgeable users; make sure you check the Snaplinks topic.

Sign up to Thingiverse , it is free and search for Snapmaker to find a bunch of great projects to print for the Snapmaker. Of course, Thingiverse contains many other great projects that you can tackle … within the limits of what the Snapmaker is capable of handling.

…and a gift, checkout the earrings on Thingiverse Earrings You can download these and print.

Have fun



@doug thank you so much, I’m looking up those links as I type.



Did you find any exciting earrings?



@doug, so many earrings, I now have to buy multiple colours of filament to make multiple earrings…



hahaha, be careful to not buy cheap filaments. As a newbie I have been trying a bunch of them. Makerbot is pretty good and a wide range of colours, including some translucent ones. Ordered mine from Bilby3D I bought a number of the 200gm rolls to test and they are good. Remember the Snapmaker filament roll is 500gm so they are smaller but that is still a huge number of earrings you could make from one roll. If you are flush of money the you can buy an external device that can have a number of colour rolls that feed in. Mind you I don’t know who has one or how complex it would be to use.

Keep having fun and post some of your creations, some of the lads might like to make some for their better halves. You can upload you creations to Thingiverse as well.



@doug Thanks for pointing us at the wiki, I hadn’t yet seen that!
I haven’t gotten my printer yet, but it has been shipped, so I’m trying to get the lay of the land on this forum so I don’t have to come in and ask a stupid question that’s already been asked a dozen times!

@shellygold These TARDIS earrings look pretty cool!
After seeing it, I’m thinking that I might scale it up a bit and turn it into an XMas tree ornament!

Some of the things I want to do are make custom home automation sensors using Pi Zeros and ESP8266s and print out the enclosures for them. Going through thingiverse, honestly, there are a TON of ideas.

Soooo many ideas though, pretty much every room of the house will have something printed to make it better :slight_smile:


Hi @tjhart85

Doug the newbie here. I have been asking all manner of things since I joined as well as sharing what I have found and learned. I am a brave newbie who does not feel embarrassed to put his hand up in class for help.

So fear not of the questions you ask, this is a good tolerant forum with users from many countries and some who struggle with English. As a newbie, I have found everyone to be tolerant and supportive.

I have learned a great deal from the contributions of talented and experienced users.

Enjoy the experience.



Hi my name is Alex living in Singapore. Invested in this project as I am fascinated by what this machine is capable of. I have just received the Snapmaker but have yet to assemble it so looking forward to try it out soon.


Hello @Alexsi

Doug the newbie here. A word of warning Snapmaker is addictive and you will have too much fun. You will forget family and friends and be consumed by the 3D printing universe.

In all seriousness, assemble it and have some fun



Lol…thank you Doug. That’s what I am afraid!

Yes truly looking forward to get started sooner than later.


Hi there Ian here from the UK just bought a snapmaker s/h so looking for inspiration and guidance in the forthcoming weeks, please be gentle with me as I am a total nube to the scene. :):grinning:


Welcome @Aceman

Doug the newbie here (from Australia). I too was a total newbie 3 months ago and I threw myself into learning; mind you I am retired and have plenty of time. You will find the Forum is friendly and helpful with lots of good advice and hints. Look at the Snaplinks entry.

Join Thinigiverse it is free, then search for Snapmaker and you will find a great collection of projects to get you started. Those projects were uploaded by many of the talented and experienced users.of this forum.

From there on it is just more learning and having fun.



My name is Alan, from Texas. I’m patiently waiting for the rest of my Snapmaker packages to enter into the UPS system after getting tracking numbers over a week ago (one package is currently in the system). This will be my second 3D printer and my first CAM machine. Right now, I don’t have any projects in mind for the laser engraver, but I plan to machine PCBs and print objects mostly utilitarian in nature. Has anybody tried using the laser engraver on the unclad side of a single-sided PCB to indicate component locations, etc.?


Hi. I’m Paul in Austin, TX, USA. 72 years old, 12 years retired Schlumberger Development Engineer. Got my Snapmaker in March and have done 3D prints, laser engraving, but no carving yet. I have posted several things on the Snapmaker Facebook page. My enclosure is listed as “shipping” - hope it shows up soon.


Hello @alokjasmatiya99

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the fun factory. How will you utilise Snapmaker? will you make items for your beautiful furniture?



Hi @pcalmes

Doug the newbie here, I have overworked my Snapmaker over the last few months with laser and 3D prints and only the letter S carved on the CNC. I have been having to much fun learning and using the laser and printer. Soon I will tackle the CNC. I think that many users are in the same situation as we are.

Keep having fun