Fusion 360 basic CNC lettering

still trying to work this all out i need to do basic lettering without all the vector passes. got fusion on one months trial there are a few type faces in it that are single line, made a G code, has to use USB to get it to the snapmaker, not sure if it can be sent direct. however the G code tried to push the cutting tip thorugh the bed. setting looked OK origin set fine, aded the tip messurements in to fusion i was using still can not find out why. any one got idea,s

You can get a 1 year license (that you can renew yearly) for personal use.

Do you have the SM machine profile loaded?

There are several places where you set the work origin and the work heights.
Something is set wrong here.

There are a lot of threads on this if you search “work origin fusion” such as:

Have you watched this?: