Flexible Filament adapter is needed


I tried and tried and tried again with and without the other adapter, with no results. Put this bad boy in and boom! Perfect! Thank you so many times over! This made may whole week!


you’re welcome :slight_smile: !
could you share your settings for printing with flexible filaments?
For the moment i working with filaflex from filamentworld thats seems to be more of a tricky one compared to other flexibles?!


basically, you have to disassemble the whole thing, and put it back together… so no instructions needed :slight_smile: but i suggest to take a pic for every step.
shrinkage of the material you’re using should be taken into account to get the part fitting without blocking the button/extruder mechanism.


Certainly. I forget which brand I bought, but I can check when I get home. The type of filament was tpu though. My settings were created by duplicating the high quality print, then adjusting accordingly:

Print bed temp: 80 degrees
Same for initial layer print
Printing temp: 250
Same for start and end layers
Viola! That’s it! That’s all the adjustments I had to make, and I printed a nice speed feed dye rotor(for paintball) for my coworker.

You could probably get away with less heat too, which I might fiddle with. If I do, I’ll lyk.


So, I went to print again, and it got jammed after a few minutes. I made the following adjustments, and it is printing well again:

Initial temp:240
Printing temp:235
Final temp:235
Heated bed:80 for both still
Flow:90%(May or may not be necessary)
Slowed all of the speeds from the “High Quality” setting down by 5.


Your adapter is very close to this guy’s, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3200890. I installed his and it seems to work well.

Are you bumping up your extrusion multiplier for flex filaments? My prints are turning out marginal.

I’d encourage you to put your adapter on thingiverse too :slight_smile: