Loading TPU difficulties

I wanted to try to print with TPU on the Snapmaker original. However, I really can get the Filament to load. I think it’s not going to go through the PTFE Tu be in the Hotend.
Do you guys have any pointers for me?

Other users have had a hard time printing TPU due to the space between the extruder gear and the hotend. I myself have had issues printing Polypropylene, and that’s less flexible than TPU.

I believe SM incorporated that feedback into V2, because it does seem to be able to print TPU out of the box.

There are a few designs for adaptors to fill the area in the print head. Can’t remember which one I used, but it worked well with the silk PLA I was using that was always getting coiled up inside the head.
It doesn’t affect normal printing, and it’s been in there for a couple of years with no issues.
You do need to do a fair bit of disassembly of the print head to fit it though, but it’s not too difficult.

Edit: Found the one I used on Thingiverse - Snapmaker flexible filament adapter by PiratDuck - Thingiverse

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IMHO the mentioned adaptors are more for the printing phase but not for the loading phase.
I also can’t even load TPU 60A.
Can it be, that SM2 does have problems loading filament which is too flexible?