[Firmware Released] 10W High Power Laser Module is NOW compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 A150

Update (December 15th, 2022):

Hi Makers,

Thanks for all the supportive feedback and patient waiting!
Now you can download the compatibility firmware right here:

This firmware supports the same 10W-Laser-related features as the A250/A350 firmware, including the initial guide, Automatic Thickness Measurement, calibrations, regular engraving and cutting jobs, etc.

Updating Instruction

  1. Update the firmware without connecting the 10W module.
  2. After the update is finished, install and connect the 10W module.

Note: The work area for 10W Laser Module on A150 is 150 mm × 160 mm.

Let’s enjoy the HIGH POWER!!! (and be safe :laughing:

Update (December 1st, 2022):

Hi Makers,

Sorry about the overdue update, but we’ve brought you exciting news this time!
The compatible firmware will be officially released on Dec 15, 2022.
Though a little bit later than planned, we believe this release is worth the waiting and is bound to thrill your maker soul. Just two more weeks, the 10W laser will be able to dance on your A150 laser platform.

You can download the firmware via the link that will be updated in this post at that time.

For those A150 users who have already bought the 10W Laser Module, you can now start collecting ideas for the New Year Gift and turn them into reality with its impressive high power. And for those who are still hesitating, it’s the time now to think about making your A150 more potent than ever :wink:

Also, we sincerely apologize for the temporarily neglected forum operating (which is due to some staff adjustments in the past few months). We never meant to make false promises and let you down, but there were indeed some technical difficulties that we’ve strived to overcome, and we wanted to make every possible improvement before bringing this firmware to you. That’s why the release was delayed and we’re really sorry for that. But you’ll be surprised and amazed at the moment when the 10W Laser Module works on your A150. Now the firmware is already in the regression testing phase and soon you’ll be able to update!

Here are some photos and gifs of the 10W Laser Module working on the A150 for you to have a quick look.
Note that we shot this without the Enclosure covered for better capturing results, which is an absolutely unsafe operation that you all should avoid. Therefore, to prevent safety risks, find your laser safety goggles and put them on before watching the gif (:laughing: just kidding…


Update (August 29th, 2022):

Hi Makers,

Thanks so much for your great support for our Snapmaker 2.0 10W High Power Laser Module. Regarding its compatibility with Snapmaker A150, we’d like to share the latest progress with you.

We will release the compatible firmware version in Q4 2022, not later than the end of November. Please stay tuned for the next firmware update. And the 10W Laser Module is a class 4 laser product. You should always operate the 10W High Power Laser Module with the Enclosure covered.

We apologize for keeping you waiting for such a long time! We will offer a discount coupon for Snapmaker 2.0 A150 users to purchase 10W High Power Laser Module. In order to let you enjoy the best price, we will provide two options for you this time and would like you to contact us to get the one more suitable for you. From now on, you can learn more details and get the coupon by contacting our support team at support@snapmaker.com and providing your proof of purchase ( Snapmaker A150). If you ordered Snapmaker 2.0 A150 from our distributors, you can also receive a discount coupon from them as well. Domestic customers can directly contact Tmall or Jingdong’s customer service.

Hi Makers,

Since the pre-order of Snapmaker 2.0 10W High Power Laser Module began in Nov 2021, it has been very popular amongst our users. We really appreciate your support!

Previously, we failed to make it work on Snapmaker 2.0 A150 as the work area is limited, and the camera on the 10W High Power Laser Module cannot focus properly. For the past month, some Snapmaker A150 users have expressed their disappointment about the incompatibility and we took it very seriously. Indeed, creativity should be without the size limit.

Therefore, behind the scenes, our Product Development team has been making every effort to overcome the technical difficulties, and today we are glad to let you know that the 10W High Power Laser Module will be compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 A150 Q3 - Q4 2022.

To compensate for the long-time waiting, we will also offer an extra discount coupon for Snapmaker 2.0 A150 users to purchase 10W High Power Laser Module with a price $20 lower than that in the pre-order which will come to an end around April 2022.

You will receive the coupon code by email as soon as the software development team fixes the incompatibility issue. If you purchased Snapmaker 2.0 A150 from our distributors, you will receive the coupon code from them as well.

The estimated coupon release starts from July 2022. If you receive no coupon code on 30 July 2022, please contact our support team at support@snapmaker.com with your Order ID, the email address used for the order, or the receipt.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!


Best regards,

Team Snapmaker


Hey @Melitta_Snapmaker,

is the new firmware release still planned within the next two weeks?

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Hello @Melitta_Snapmaker,

I do not see any update on this compatibility. Is it working now?


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Any news about this Firmware. It‘s 1st of december now …


Yeah. Very nice. Hopefully all guys who bought a 10w laser the last months, get the money back. Poor customer communication. One of the only posts of officials here in the forum is a false promise…

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Thanks for the @Melitta_Snapmaker. Looks quite nice!

Thanks @Melitta_Snapmaker! I can’t wait to start :smiley:

The compatibility firmware will be released on Dec 15, 2022. You can learn more in the latest update above :blush:

The compatibility firmware will be released on Dec 15, 2022. You can learn more in the latest update above :blush:

Hi Syssy, come and download the firmware now :star_struck:

Hi Wyphorn, come and download the firmware now :star_struck:

Hi cwacker, come and download the firmware now :star_struck:

Thank you! :heart: :heart:
I had currently used the A150 with Luban and A250 Settings. But I had a bad calibration and had to be far away with the lens from my piece. That resulted in a lot of smoke between piece and lens and a few traces on the upper side of the material. Very nice that I can now calibrate and use the laser in a supported way.
I will give an update tomorrow evening. Maybe with some before / after pictures.

We’re expecting feedback on the firmware. If you come across any problems with it, please update in this post and we’ll try our best to offer help and improvement. Thank you again for your support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Snapmaker Team,

I just did a quick test and made the wooden ruler.
Now guess what … It was phantastic!!!

I am totally flashed by the results!

Great job!

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Hi cwacker, your feedback really delights our team. Expecting more amazing works from you and your A150 with 10W Laser! :heart_eyes:

So. Now i found the time to do the update and test it.
Was not so easy to update because the documented way was not possible with an uncalibrated laser. There is no way to go to Snapmaker menu, so you can’t use usb nor wifi with connected 10w. Maybe you can extend the manual @Riskey .

But after this, I did my missing parts for the Triceratops of my daughter.
I just had the problem that I had to reduce the working speed to 85% of the default 1,5mm cutting basswood template.

First image is a try with a250 machine settings, uncalibrated laser and old Firmware. I was not able to cut the Basswood with the default cutting template. In mid of that Image is a second try just with lot slower movement. This was my first success to cut the Basswood. But laser was far away from wood with this settings and so i had a lot of smoke traces. The last pieces of first pic are now with 85% speed and a calibrated laser:

Much less traces there. Calibration worked like a charm.
These images are the completed Triceratops Cuts.

I am really happy with my snapmakers.

As hint for others: when doing the camera calibration: cut the DIN A4 first to a5. It is to tall for the enclosure and with open door you see the laser running, but not cutting. It will be reduced in power with opened door. I used a DIN A5 then and everything was nice.

Thank you for your work here @snapmaker staff.