Catastrophic failure after firmware and Luban update - New 10w laser not working either on Snapmaker 2.0 350T

Up until yesterday I was able to print 3d with the original software that came with my Snapmaker 2.0 350T. Luban connected to the machine. Life was good. I had not used the laser of cnc modules yet.

In Dec 22 I bought a 10w laser module to start with laser engravings.
Therefore, I was requested to update Luban and the firmware of the machine to their respective latest versions.

I am facing now multiple issues

  1. Firmware not installing correctly
  2. 10w laser module not detected
  3. 1.6 w laser calibration not working
  4. wifi connection to machine not working

see below the details:

1. Firmware not installing correctly
I am using a Mac and upgraded to Luban 4.4.0.
Updating the firmware to 1.14.3 got stuck on the update screen. It seemed to update the modules but froze on updating the screen firmware. I tried both methods of update, wifi and usb.
After a reboot I received the message the update was successful.

2. 10w laser module not detected
However, as soon as I connected the 10w laser module, the machine was not able to recognize the laser, as soon as I navigated to the calibration screen, the screen goes blank and freezes until I reboot.
The machine recognized the 1.6w laser, but gives me the message that the laser module is outdated.

3. 1.6 w laser calibration not working
The calibration itself is a disaster too.
I get clean line on the left, the right lines are progressively fainting and go missing. The camera calibration happens outside of the work area and does not give me a square paper cut out.

4. wifi connection to machine not working
In addition, my new Luban software version does not find the Snapmaker work station over wifi though the machine is connected to the same internet.

Needless to say, I am overly frustrated and any help is much appreciated.

Your Luban version is known for connection issues, i would suggest to downgrade to a older version like 4.4.0 (there is also a newer version available but it was released freshly so who knows if it could connect to the machine).

Here is a thread about firmware upgrade for using 10W Laser, hope it helps:

Wow, that’s one long run on sentence, that no one is going to read. Punctuation is your friend when trying to convey a message.

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