What you think about the new products / upgrades today?

What you think about the news.

F250/F350 : fdm only
10w Laser (Nov 2021)
T linear modules ( noise reduction chip)
Dual extrudes (early 2022)


No indication the new modules address the fundamental issues with the internal bearings loosening and causing wobble?

The laser will be better for plywood and the dual extruder will be nice for PVA, I’ll probably buy those.


I am interested in learning more, and especially interested in the offer of 50% off upgrade for existing owners of SM 2. Email I got from SM today said,

Wanna upgrade your current Snapmaker 2.0?
We are offering 50% OFF for Snapmaker 2.0 users
on the 3D Printing Module, the Linear Module, and the Power Module
Pay close attention to your email
Your exclusive 50% OFF code is on the way next week !

That’s on there website.

Noise Reduction Chip

Although the levels might vary, certain parts of the machine can produce noise while operating. With the new A350T/A250T Linear Modules, the noise gets reduced substantially, thanks to the TMC 2209 stepper motor driver chips embedded.


Lead Optimization
on Linear Module

Quieter printing doesn’t necessarily mean slower speed. Snapmaker accordingly increases the leads of the X and Y axes’ screw rods, from 8 mm to 20 mm, ensuring a stable and fast working speed.


Power Module Improvement

The new Power Module uses a much quieter fan whose speed can be
adjusted automatically according to the real-time temperature, realizing a noise level decrease of about 16 dBA*, so that you can truly focus on your making.

I own a A150 and I’m definitely interested in the 10w laser module and the dual extruder, I’ll definitely buy those upon release. I’m also planning on buying an enclosure and the air filter sometime this month, though I’m kicking myself for not pre-ordering the air filter to get the discount :expressionless:

I do find it odd that the A150 didn’t receive the linear module upgrade that the A250 and A350 did. I wonder what’s the reasoning behind that. At any rate the A150 isn’t that loud to me and it has zero problems with stability or backlash (maybe due to its size) so maybe the Snapmaker team thought it wasn’t worth upgrading? :man_shrugging:

I really like the build quality of the machine and dedication of the team to support and improve their products so also do plan on buying the A350T next year for the rotary module and larger work area, I have some projects/products in the pipeline that my A150 is just too small for.

EDIT: I see that you can actually purchase the new linear modules for the A150 on their store, but there doesn’t seem to be a stand-alone A150T model. You would have to buy the A150 and then separately purchase the new linear modules and power supply to get an unofficial A150T.

@brent113 they literally said nothing about performance improvement, it was all about noise. One thing to note, the new ones are no longer fully interchangeable, the z axis modules are different than the x and y modules.

how does this compare with our existing rails and does it matter?

@scyto they actually said nothing about it on the call, they only talked about noise reduction, that’s it.

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Dual extruder was at the top of my wishlist for multicolor and multi-material prints. Hopefully this means that the two nozzles can run at independent temperatures as well (don’t see why not) for printing water soluble supports. I can already see a bunch of places where I’d use this. Would be good to know if there are issues with two filaments going through the one enclosure hole, or if I just have to drill a second one (and find a similar grommet for it). Will also be interesting to see what the software updates for multicolor/material look like, or if this is going to require going to cura (or manually editing the gcode like with the M600 pause).

Bigger laser sounds neat, but would need to look into what you can do with 10w. Cutting thicker wood is one thing, but what about metals/plastics? Most of the laser stuff I’ve done so far is simple engraving on wood or plastic that works with the included laser, but would be open to the bigger laser if it enables some cool new stuff. If anything, I might get this at the same time as the dual extruder.

Quieter rails etc are a nice to have for new people I suppose, but not sure it’s worth upgrading just for less noise. If it’s going to be 50% off though, might be worth hoarding a few spares, given that they’re interchangeable.


They said that they are faster as well as quieter.

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The new rails are not interchangeable with the old ones, they stressed this on the live feed.

One thing that isn’t clear to me is the updated power supply and 3D printing module. I understand that those have been in production for a while already. How do we know if we have the updated PS and 3DP module?

@JonnieCache the 3DP module has been shipping with machines since last December so that’s really not a change, if you have 2 cooling vents on the front face of the 3DP head then you have the new one. The PSU has “smart” speed adjustment on the fan speed and have not shipped out to anyone yet.

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Thanks for the info!

@Artezio i was looking at the page for the head - it says it has hotend quick change, does that mean my shipped in Oct/Noc 2020 one doesn’t? (i don’t have the new head)

@scyto AFAIK its still done by the grub screw. If you think about other 3D printers, that pretty much is quick release. Other printers you have to completely disassemble the head.

@scyto i just confirmed the head has no further changes, it’s still just the grub screw. Here is the new picture of the new head vs my current head.



Oh, so it’s replace all or nothing? Meaning that if one rail dies now, I’ll either have to hope for NOS parts, or replace the lot? Well, that changes things…

@cbardon yep, kind of a raw deal.

Correct. You can’t mix the old rails with the new. From: https://us.snapmaker.com/collections/parts-accessories/products/linear-module-for-snapmaker-2-0