[Firmware Released] 10W High Power Laser Module is NOW compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 A150

Thanks for your feedback.
The proper steps for updating the 10W-compatible firmware on A150 should be the following:

  1. Update the firmware without connecting the 10W module.
  2. After the update is finished, install and connect the 10W module.

The current document is indeed prone to mislead A150 users to update their 10W firmware. I’ll update more clear instructions in this topic. Thank you again, and your work looks just wonderful. :blush:

yeah, in my mind, I wanted to update the firmware of the laser. And therefore i could not imagine, that i can unplug it :see_no_evil: But for sure, I update the controller. Was my third try after I failed with luban and trying to skip the calibration on touchscreen :smiley: I was also able to solve my 85% problem by cleaning the lens. Cutting the smoke before made it dirty. Now I can run the template to cut the, also very nice, snapmaker basswood.
Did I mentioned, that I love my a150? Really sad it is skipped and not transfered into the artisan universe as a “small brother”. :slight_smile:

On my side, it does not work. I have a calibration failure :pensive: Even without any light in the room.
Firmware is installed
Do you know what I should do?

Was the red dot on the surface of the calibration target during the calibration?

Yes it was. I have tried several times. And I have also reinstalled the firmware with USB, but I still have the same issue.

Could you please export the system log and send it to me via message? We’ll have a check.

Hey Syssy, have you resolved the problem?

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Hello Riskey, sorry for the delay. Yes the support has helped me to solve the issue. Now it is working well :blush:

if I have firmware version 1521_2030309 which is the current firm ware do I need to perform this upgrade?