A150 Improvements

Hey all, I wanted to start a little discussion on what improvements could be made for the little A150. If you have an A150 like me you were probably disheartened to hear that the rotary module and the 10W laser would not be compatible. Luckily, Snapmaker is currently finding a way to make the 10W laser work! Yet, it still sucks the rotary module will not be for the foreseeable future.

My suggestion is a Z axis extender like the Snapmaker Original (really just an A250 or A350 rail) that can be sold separately for the A150. It may not fix the limited Y the A150 has, but I think it could be a good start on trying to future proof the model for upcoming addons (such as the heavy duty rotary module or maybe even the rotary module). If the 10W laser focus adjustment does not work, then I think this would be a great plan B for Snapmaker.

While this may pertain to all machines, I think a cam based module fastening system (like the tool head on most lathes) would be spectacular. It would definitely assist in reducing the tool change time and hassle especially for those of us that use enclosures. With enough interest, I may develop my own as a third party with some of my metal-eating CNCs but I would hope Snapmaker beats me to the punch.

If you have any other suggestions/quality of life improvements leave them down below. Happy making.