Firmware Failed To Update

After I attempted to update the firmware, the controller now boots into a blank screen with no icons and I am unable to select files, control the enclosure, or anything else.

I am able to connect via wifi still or through the serial port; however, Luban thinks my A350 is actually an A150 and when sending it home causes horrible grinding noise, so would rather not try that again. I was able to send the M502, and M500 codes via console, with no effect.

This is what the controller screen looks like after it goes through its boot sequence.

I did email support, but I have still not received a response from my email (separate issue) from weeks ago.

The support request is 132587 for anyone that has access to such things.

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Already several posts here in the forum about it - please use the search function. It is a known issue with the 1.15 firmware - Snapmaker botched this version. And you need to be patient, as this week the Snapmaker crew is off for chinese new year.

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Yea how come ypou going to revert the firmare if the screen is in blank, do you not be clear is not way to command on the screen to perform it. Lol