File Transfer via WiFi

Dear all, I know there is a discussion regarding “Connect Via WiFi”.
My question/request is to be able to transfer GCode files via WiFi (network connection).
Would it be possible to transfer to the Snapmaker Touchscreen drive via WiFi without using Luban?

I use Simplify3D and would prefer to still slice there and then transfer the files via WiFi.

The only method I could establish at the moment is;

  1. to copy the files on the USB or
  2. Open Luban, "+Upload:, “Transfer via Wi-Fi”.


I believe that currently that is the only way.

It would be a nice little App to be able to transfer to and from the SM2 via WiFi.

Yes. The little App to transfer files will not be easier than Luban. You still have to export G-code file to your disk and than transfer it (via an App or Luban), or use and USB disk.

The only difference is that you don’t have to upload file to Luban backend and let Luban render G-code (for large files it may crash or stucked).