Send to device via USB

I have poked all over the forums, the website, and the Snapmaker Luban software. While I can connect to the device (Snapmaker A350) via USB and adjust it, it seems there is no way to send the file to the device via USB currently. It appears that it was an option in the past, but some release somewhere appears to have removed it.

I’ve owned several 3D printers, and they all supports USB transfer of work files (GCode, STL, whatever). This is the first one I’ve owned which does not seem to support that.

Is there a way to “print” via USB and I’m just dense and can’t find it? If so, would someone please tell me how so I can see where I’ve gone wrong?

If I am correct, and there isn’t a way, I certainly plan on adding it as a feature request, or as it appears may be the case, a feature RE-request.

Thank you for your help;


You can print directly from Luban or cura… over USB, but you have to install the driver from the SM website, then it should do what it should. You can also send the files over wifi.
BTW: witch usb port do you use? The bíg one is only for usbsticks, the small one is used for comunication! And search for “usb com” in the forum.

I will look for the driver. I have it in the correct port. I can adjust the device via USB. In the forums, you USED to be able to print via USB, but that was a feature that was removed. So I will look for some way to print via USB, but I don’t think there actually IS a way, based on the feedback in the forums. If you can provide a link to a driver I would appreciate it. I thought I had it loaded, but perhaps I don’t have all of the drivers loaded. I would LOVE to be wrong about not being able to print via USB. I send everything via Wifi right now. (But that presents some other issues)

I really do have a clue what I’m doing. This isn’t my first 3D Printer (though it is my first Laser Engraver / CNC). And I’m technically fluent. As I said, I would love to be wrong about this. I’ll download Cura and see what I can do there if I cannot find a different driver than I already have loaded.

Thank you.

Off Topic:
About 1/2 the time, when sending via Wifi, It often just starts sending and locks up in the middle. (Luban isn’t exactly the most stable piece of software). So I have to PowerCycle the SnapMaker when that happens. (After the 2nd or 3rd power cycle… it becomes impossible to connect to the snapmaker via Wifi. Even if I do a manual connect and type in the IP address.) That isn’t always the only fix. Frequently I end up having to hard power down my computers (doesn’t matter which system I use.). Luban won’t close. It can’t even be forced close with task manager, pskill, or any other utility that is supposed to force close applications or libraries. The computes won’t restart or shut down cleanly. That has happened with the past three versions. Before that, it was fine. Then the last version had the white screen issue. That was fun. I am running the most recent Luban and the most recent Firmware.

I can not understand your problem, I print over USB all the time, an it works fine.

Those are what I already have loaded.

Ok, then how are you doing this? What buttons do you press? Do you have screenshots showing where this option is in Luban? Are you running 3.13.1 on Windows? It does me no good for you to say “I print over USB all the time.” Tell me, teach me, show me how, help me, for goodness sake - prove me an idiot. I’m ok with that. If it’s there an I missed it, I’m perfectly ok admitting it. I simply cannot find it. I cannot find a way to send my file to the printer using the USB cable in Luban. I can export to a USB flash drive, but that’s not what I want. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about sending G-code from Workspace to the device via the USB cable.

I have been through every menu. I have been through every button. I have been through the User Manual and the Forums. The only thing I see is references to this feature being removed last year (2020).

This is the article I found saying how. I have no Print Button. No Play Symbol. I can interrogate the device just fine via the Console. So I know I’m connected. But the > button never shows up for me to print via USB. I get the controls (Y+, Y-) etc… but never do I get the Print / Play Symbol.

When it works… I can send via Wi-Fi.


There you can start the printjob.