Filament reload... Wait, it's not out of filament

That’s what I’ve done. I only turn it on when I get near the end of a reel. As you can see from my post history that’s about every week, and I’ve been having the problem for over a month now.

Turning off the sensor is not a long term solution. What do I have to do to get a replacement module? This is clearly not a fully functional module.

Sorry about that, we have discussed this issue several times. It may be caused by the misalignment of the sensor itself. We are trying to reproduce this issue and figure it out. Last time, we met this similar issue and our engineer had poked the inlet port with the filament to loosen the spring of the sensor and restore it to its original position

This is probably the same effect I have when I talk about feathering the filament at insertion.

I’ve been having this issue, I have not done anything yet with the software but it seems to work after trying 5 or 6 times and bumping the temp to 270 and back down, not sure what can be done to check on or recalibrate this sensor. I changed filaments with the same results. @Edwin it would be good to determine the root cause of this issue so I can get it corrected.

I received my snapmaker A250 yesterday and so far have only tried printing a small Benchy model.

The first attempt to print, the fillament runnout error occured, then the head randomly stopped on the print, with a big blob of plastic suggesting at least for a little while, it was still extruding.

Second attempt is running now. But I’ve already hit several instances of filament runnout. As other people have said here, the feed is working, Pressing “Load” will was a load of filament and I just have to hope the print isn’t spoiled by the continuing.

I’m guessing it’s an error in the new firmware as I haven’t had this issue before this @Edwin

I encountered this with the firmware that came with my machine (I did not take note of the number) but it also happened since updating to the latest firmware.

@fillngraves @andyryan1988 Is that firmware you mentioned is If so, we would like to find the issue and debug it.

@fillngraves @NilartPax @andyryan1988 As is shown below, there is a tiny switch inside the inlet, which you can call it filament switch. We do not recommend users to disassemble the machine and that will void the limited warranty. I just show what is that switch is there.
As I said before, you can if the switch is on by using command M119.

But if it is caused by some physical issue, like the filament switch is loosened, you can poke the inlet port with the filament to loosen the spring of the sensor and restore it to its original position.

In addition, according to @NilartPax, the function works sometimes, but fails sometimes, that may be some issue related to the firmware.
In a word, we will arrange a test to dig it up in a few days.

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@Edwin is the switch NO or NC when there is no filament present?

Yes, currently running firmware but also encountered this happening on a pervious version that my machine arrived with.

Well I’ve gone two weeksish now without problems. My solution was: Angrily and vigorously feather the end of the filament in and out of the entrance

No joke.

Checked the filament switch again. It may be caused by the misalignment of that switch. If this problem often happens, please contact for help.
@andyryan1988 @fillngraves

With filament: switch is OPEN, and M119 will say "TRIGGERED“
Without filament: switch is CLOSED, and M119 will say "OPEN“

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Thanks @Edwin. Could the wiring be pinched somehow inside the print module causing an intermittent short which would trigger the out of filament indication?

Quick questions: What is the frequency of this problem?

Before my “fix”, it would happen every two days, but when it happened, it would keep happening over and over. For like, an hour I would fight it. I’d do that for 30 to an hour, then I would try a power cycle. Half the time, I would end up scrapping the print at that point.

Thanks, this information is very helpful for us to locate the problem. So, how about other users?
@DroneOn @andyryan1988 @fillngraves

I have not had that issue @Edwin I was just trying to help. Is it possible there could be an intermittent short internal to the print module?

@Edwin I’ve been in touch via email. When filament runout detection is turned on, I can guarantee it will occur every print. What I can’t guarantee is when and how often. It appears to be at random. Sometimes it will trigger, I can “reload” (I don’t actually do anything to the filament, just the touchscreen steps) and it’ll go another 10 minutes before happening again. Sometimes it’ll go for a few dozen seconds. Other times it gets the nozzle back down the the print and happens again.

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