Load Filament Error

I’ve been printing for a couple of weeks and now there is a “load filament” error message. I get about 30% into a print and they module thinks it ran out of filament, but there is no issue with the filament. If I press the “load filament” button, it drips out of the bottom no problem. I have tried different filament and replaced the hot end kit, and it worked again for about 30% into a print, then the same error came up. I sent a messaged to customer support 2 weeks ago, but have not heard anything back. Anyone else have this issue?

Do a search.
There’s a switch that presses against the filament that probably needs to be adjusted.

Thanks. Did a search before I posted, but guess I had the wrong keywords. Seems to be working now. Now if I could just get the laser camera to work.