A150 first print stop due filament runout recovery

so i got my new snapmaker 2 A150 and follow all the instruction to set up the printer
now i try to make a test print of the vase from the luban and after 1 layer of print i got a massage of filamnent runout recovery…

offcurse i dont need to replace and i tried to unload and load the filment again but the massage is still there and i cant do nothing

anyone can help please?

Here is what you are looking for:

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Here is Edwin from Snapmaker Team.

Did you encounter this “filament runout” issue? How about the frequency?
Next time the warning of “filament runout”. You need to connect the machine with the PC and then launch Snapmaker Luban. Enter command “M119” in the console and operate it.

You can refer to these two video to fasten the filament switch: