A150 first print stop due filament runout recovery

so i got my new snapmaker 2 A150 and follow all the instruction to set up the printer
now i try to make a test print of the vase from the luban and after 1 layer of print i got a massage of filamnent runout recovery…

offcurse i dont need to replace and i tried to unload and load the filment again but the massage is still there and i cant do nothing

anyone can help please?

Here is what you are looking for:

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Here is Edwin from Snapmaker Team.

Did you encounter this “filament runout” issue? How about the frequency?
Next time the warning of “filament runout”. You need to connect the machine with the PC and then launch Snapmaker Luban. Enter command “M119” in the console and operate it.

You can refer to these two video to fasten the filament switch:


hi again , so back at that time i used the command M119 and printing was good and sucssed, i have to say that i only done 2 prints with this command , and then i had a lot of project to work for school so i didn’t touch the printer since then, until now… (and i even didn’t check the CNC and the Laser cutting yet)

the problem now is that the filamnent runout recovery massage that i got every time was don it again so i try to go the solutionof M119 command.
i dodnt know why but after i sent the command and i got the massage that everting is open and ok,
i click continue and then i got the filamnent runout recovery massage, so thats mean the M119 command is not relevant anymore because now i got this massage no matter what…

i watch the video Edwin gave me , and the filament switch isn’t loose at all and its pretty tight

here is a video you can see that i send the print, it start for 2 sec and then stop.
or here

Hello. I recently had two 3D modules report filament runout errors that could not be fixed but reloading. (I have several snapmaker machines). Obviously the sensors were problematic. Therefore I read the information in the forum and in the Snapmaker guide. I was able to repair the sensor on one by slightly and carefully bending the spring guide but when i examined the other sensor it was obviously broken and could not be adjusted or repaired. After undoing the two metal screws I removed the black plastic housing and brass connection and reinstalled the sensor without them and without further modification. The sensor on the first module works fine (but for how long I don’t know). The second module also works fine but obviously does not report filament runout (as the sensor has been modified). To me this is a better solution than trying to make software fixes as others propose - I just have to be careful not to run large jobs with small amount of filament when using this particular module. I’d be interested if others have a different solution?

I guess there is a setting on the touchscreen to deactivate runout protection.
Settings - 3d Print :wink: