DXF Parse Image Error with Solidworks

I seem to be having an issue when trying to load up a dxf when it’s exported from solidworks. Using the 2017 version on the 3.5.0 firmware for luban and have tried exporting it from the drawing level, from the part level, just the sketch, and even changing the version of dxf.

I did open the dxf up on other programs and it seems fine from there, but whenever I try on luban it just gives me the error. I did manage to open up a dxf someone else uploaded here in the forums onto luban, so this leads me to believe that it’s something with how solidworks is saving the file. Has anyone else managed to get it to work from solidworks or use a secondary program to export a luban friendly dxf?

You can send me the .dxf file to me.

In addition, Snapmaker Luban supports the files including these entity handlers. We will improve this software continuously with your help.


Hi, I have the same problem with SolidWorks 2020 and Luban 3.5.0 as well as Luban 3.8.0. Is there already a solution?

Hi @sbinnemars,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please try the latest version of Snapmaker Luban V 3.8.0. If the software fails to process the file. Please send me the file and we will fix it.

Because of the DXF and SVG file have complicated formats, and we need help from users to make the software better.

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I would very much like to send you a file, however I am not able to send a .dxf, and when I zip it I get the message that new users cannot upload files…

Read around the forum a little and you will be granted basic rights. This also includes uploading more than one image. You could also upload your file to a one click hoster and post the link to your file.

I had a similar issue exporting from fusion 360 and when I open the dxf there are several layers and when I delete the empty layer it imports fine.

The suffix should be a lowercase letter.

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Hello I have the same problem did you find a solution ?

The solution for me was to unblock the shapes. When you DXF out of Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, etc, you should have the option to “block” or not the drawing views. You need to make sure that you are “not” blocking the drawing views. For some reason the Luban, can’t parse the blocks.

Thanks for your help but impossible to find this option :frowning:

No one have the solution ? Do you have a contact ?

I ran into this problem today trying to load a DXF saved out of SolidWorks 2017. I tried several different DXF formats, but what fixed it was changing the extension to lowercase letters. I never would have thought of this if Edwin hadn’t said something about it above. So now I have it loaded, but the scaling is completely wrong. Is it not possible for the files to come in to scale? I am trying to make a part that will need to mate with something else so I would rather not scale by eye.

I’ve had to save out to version 12 of dxf from my CAD system (Solid Edge) in order for Snapmaker Luban to open the file. Don’t know if there is the option of saving to that old of a dxf version or not in SolidWorks.

I think what fixed it was changing the all caps DXF in the extension to dxf. This never matters in my experience with Windows programs, but it does in this case.