Unable to open DXF file in Luban

I am trying to load Laser cut files generated in Fusion 360 in to Luban, but keep getting the error “Failed to parse image file image.dxf”.

The current file I am trying to export is just a simple 20mm square that I am using to test the process and also to measure the lazer kerf for future cuts. Which I have exported from Fusion 360 as a DXF file.

If anyone knows a better way to get cut lines from fusion in to Luban or what might be wrong with the export I would apreciate it. I am pretty new to Fusion so it may well be something I am doing wrong.

Through a bit more playing around, I have been able to solve this by using a DXF for Lazer plugin to export my sketch to export my file instead of the built in Fusion 360 export. :slight_smile:

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I am also having problems with adding DXF files. I am using TurboCAD software to create the file, like you a simple 20mm square. When I use the ADD function in LUBAN it goes away for a considerable time and eventually returns the message “Unable to pars file”.

Correction it takes 4 minutes to come back with the fail message.20mmsaqare-SC2

Which is “Failed to parse image file 20mmSquaretest.dxf”

I hope somebody else is monitoring this topic and can come up with a useful reply.

I am having the same problem too. It would also be nice if there was a way for the files to be at the correct scale when you import them into Luban

I just tried importing a simple DXF produced in Fusion 360 and got a weird, incorrect result. We definitely need a fix here.

My first attempt using OnShape instead seemed to import OK in Luban.

I just realized I was using an old version of Luban. I updated to 3.12.3 and found that the Fusion DXF file worked a bit better. The shape was OK, but he size was wrong. In fact it looks like maybe the scale is off on all laser drawing files?

To let the developers know, I’d recommend that you create a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/Snapmaker/Luban

Thanks. It looks like there is already an issue with importing .svg files so that is probably the same thing. I’ve added some comments to that.

Hi Guys, I am in the same position. I mainly bought the Snapmaker to run CNC (with the added advantage of having 3D printing and laser) however every time I send a DXF to Luban it comes back with the parsing error. I am using the latest software. I am using Microstation to create the DXFs and have tried multiple versions all with the same result. I have also tried just sending a simple 25mm square, again to no avail. Has this issue been fixed? Is it something I’m doing?

I’m so sorry ~Autocad gang.

I kid, I kid. Some files works better on the latest version, some only work on 1.8, but the sure thing is Luban is a bit buggy around dxf files. I understand Microstation can export SVG - that may have better luck, although not guaranteed. One thing that does seem to fix most file issues is saving from Inkscape. You should be able to open your dxf in inkscape and then save as svg - Luban almost never chokes on that.

If Luban ends up not working with dxfs and that’s a dealbreaker for you I’d recommend looking into Lightburn, which has great dxf support.

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Hi brent113. Thanks for that, I exported as an SVG and it worked perfectly, I didn’t realise that Luban would accept an SVG (first time I have tried the CNC) I’ve only had the Snapmaker a few weeks and I’m still testing it out. I’m impressed with what it can do to date I’m off to test it out. Cheers

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