Unable to open DXF file in Luban

I am trying to load Laser cut files generated in Fusion 360 in to Luban, but keep getting the error “Failed to parse image file image.dxf”.

The current file I am trying to export is just a simple 20mm square that I am using to test the process and also to measure the lazer kerf for future cuts. Which I have exported from Fusion 360 as a DXF file.

If anyone knows a better way to get cut lines from fusion in to Luban or what might be wrong with the export I would apreciate it. I am pretty new to Fusion so it may well be something I am doing wrong.

Through a bit more playing around, I have been able to solve this by using a DXF for Lazer plugin to export my sketch to export my file instead of the built in Fusion 360 export. :slight_smile:

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