Luban does not read dxf files correctly. Advice needed

I have attached pictures for clarification. I drew up a very simple file in Fusion 360 (capture3 pic) and exported it as a .dxf file and imported it into Luban. When opened in Luban, the curves on the outer line were converted to straight lines (capture2 pic). I thought maybe the file was corrupt but when I open the same dxf file in any other program that can read dxf files, they display fine. It seems this only happens in Luban.

Is there a way to correct this in luban? Or is there something I need todo with Fusion?

Luban DXF reading isn’t perfect, you might need to convert that dxf into an SVG before importing into luban.

Great, now I gotta add another step lol. Maybe I can figure out how to get Fusion to post process for the laser and skip Luban.
Thank you for your help.

Not to add more into your workflow, but you ought to consider trying Lightburn, at least as a 30 day trial. If your workflow is heavily dxf, I think it’s dxf import is better, and it’s worth a try. Luban seems to be geared a bit more towards an svg workflow from inkscape or illustrator.

I know @sdj544 has had great success with Luban, though, but I think he’s working from SVGs. Not positive on that.

Could also try and downgrade Luban to an older version and see if that specific dxf issue existed then? There have been quite a few dxf bug fixes over the last year. This one might be fixed soon, who knows.

I don’t do a lot of dxf files but when ya need it, ya need it! I will take a look at Lightburn. Would that software be able to replace Luban or would it just add another step?

The way I use it it’s entirely replaced it. I upload files via wifi via a right-click Send To menu I added in Windows: File Transfer via WiFi

So my workflow is Illustrator SVG->Lightburn->send .nc file directly from Windows Explorer. Run from the touchscreen.

hmmmm, sounds easy. I’ll try it.

I pretty much only use use svg and png.

Eventually will move to lightburn probably but so far been able to do everything I need to do in Luban.
But I use both 3.8 and 3.12.3 There are features/bugs in both so depending on what I’m doing I use one vs. the other. Not really sure specifically when and why I choose which. Basically I try to use 3.12.3 and if it formats/previews weird then I use 3.8.
Which may make you wonder (and me too) why I just don’t switch to lightburn. Mainly because I haven’t. Been too busy making stuff and haven’t had time to slow down to switch over.


I do agree with your posts previously that emphasize ‘pick a tool and stick with it’, and since Luban is an all-in-one software, if you can get familiar with it and make it work, great.

Luban does get updates regularly, and they seem to be making tangible progress on many bugs. I think it’ll get there someday.

I’m looking at lightburn but am confused about one thing. Is this software strictly for laser? Or can it also replace the CNC and 3D printer operations too?

Oh, and I forgot to mention, as I said earlier, I create these files in Fusion BUT, fusion does not have an “export to .svg” it only exports to dxf.

Looks like there is a fusion app for exporting svgs, maybe that’s all you need?

And yea, Lightburn is only for laser.

Well smear me with honey and dip me in an ant hole! there is a plugin for that! Downloading the plugin now!


Let me know if it works!

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Well??? Yes and no. Fusion exported the svg but it is not an outline. Won’t the laser burn everything that is black??

no. As long as you do vector and don’t turn on fill it should just do outlines.
Process and preview.

LOL, when I click on “Process” it turns the round holes to square holes!!!

I think Luban hates me!!!

You’re using 3.12.3?

Try 3.8 Think that’s one of the bugs that that fixes.

The one bug that’s annoying in 3.8 is that if you want to resize it won’t lock the aspect.

Also sometimes I’ve found that opening an svg in inkscape and then saving as a simple svg from there fixes it.


I’m using 3.8.0. Apparently its not fixed, or I got the defective version of 3.8