"Parser Error" on Import of Graphics

Whatever I try, no luck with file import of any type into the Luban Laser Engraving software. No *dxf, no *svg, nothing. Only thing so far is the demo feather … but I need to engrave some pure and simple line graphics exported as *dxf from a CAD system. Can generate *svg from it through Inkscape.

Neither is working for me - what am I missing? TIA

Would you mind uploading the dxf you’re trying? I’d like to play with it, see if anything jumps out.

Sure …test-dxf.zip (5.9 KB)

Not really sure what to say

This is on Luban 3.10.2, both Laser and CNC workspaces import it. I rescaled it to 150mm wide, originally came in as 8mm wide.

Same here.
Make sure you’re in the “Edit” window of laser or cnc.