Dual Print head makes me crazy (but not in the positive way)

My first post and immediately a complaint! :frowning: I own the Artisan for a few weeks and am quite satisfied with the laser and the cnc module. But this damn dual 3d print module brings me to my limits. Of now 30 print attempts, one has worked. I am in despair and would love to send you the module back. The whole thing is a very expensive fun and I have really no nerve for it. Honestly, I could have bought an Ender 3 and saved money. I bought this device because of the good reviews and the supposedly simple operation. But now I got my first gray hair at 31 years.
What can I do so that I do not clog the nozzle or if this times not clogged the pressure bed adhesion fails?! I use your standard pla in black, with your settings … .
Greetings from Austria


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Have a Look for this: Front Cover STL File & Replacement Kit Update (Dual Extrusion Module)

There is a stl for a new door (Print with enclosure open) and print these wedges:

There will be an official fix Kit later on this year to replace the self printed stuff with official parts.


This so frustrating. Not a single print worked so far. I really hope the fix will help. Otherwise back to single extruder

until the update kit comes. i print without door and thermal copaunt

For me this looks for to high z Offset. Try to reduce the z offset manually for -1.0.
The dual extruder might have problems with clogging but your Extruder seams not clogged. It just moved the bad sticked print away and printed into air and created Spaghetti.

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Thank you for your answer. Indeed Nozzle is not clogged. However this is a 3D Sample Model from Snapmaker and I was expecting, that all the settings where adjusted. I did a full calibration before printing. It all started very well, but then for whatever reason it looks like the filament didn’t stick to the lower layer and then the spaghetti started.

The calibration is a good starting point, but changing the Z Offset manually is a common requirement to get good prints. Also when you have a good z Offset for one print, you may have to set it again in next print. Thats why a skirt is so useful, you can fine tune the Z Offset before the real print starts.

I have had the same problems with a 2 material model. I asked the Snapmaker support how I can arrange the 2 model with one model starting not at Z=0 but Z= 50 f.e… The answer was that Luban can’t do this in the actual version and I should: “… use 3D builder software to set the corresponding heights of the two files, and then generate the stl file. Then import the generated stl file into Luban.”
As I have some experience with other 3D-Printers I have also SIMPLIFY3D what is a very good slicer that support also the Snapmaker Artisan (got the FFF profile from Simplify3D support) and Dual printing. With this I was able to align the 2 models and create G-Code that works on the Artisan very good !
(Picture shows a 2color PETG print)

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