I give up on Dual Extrusion thanks to heat creep

I have tried very hard for the last week or two to get a successful Dual Extrusion print. Unfortunately, heat creep has consistently clogged my nozzles from about 30 minutes to 2h into a print.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to avoid it – Retraction set to 0 or to 50mm on nozzle switch, idle temperatures as low at 50 degrees. I’ve got constant airflow through my garage, the enclosure door is wide open. I’ve tried different filaments, printing them at the bottom or top of their temperature range. No matter what I try, the filament jams.

I give up. If I keep trying, I’m going to jam my nozzle permanently. The hot end screw was overtightened in the factory and I’m unable to remove the heat block to extract curled filament buried inside.

I’m so disappointed. After waiting since August for this machine, it sucks that I’m still unable to use breakaway / PVA to support my prints. Back to cura tree supports for now… I really hope that Snapmaker is able to find a solution to this problem.

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Hello there,

i see you posted about this in march this years, so quite some time passed without any replies, especially none from snapmaker about this highly sensitive issue.

Do you have an update, you could share?
I just started a 40h print with PETG, single extruder, so very basic.

Nozzle clogged about 1 hour in, people on facebook telling me to leave the enclosure door open, which is not really a solution, not even a workaround if you want to print ABS or other higher temp filaments.

Thanks in advance, Flo

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I’m in the same boat, but as I’m new to 3D printing I’m quite patient and assume it must be something I don’t quite understand.

I could get quite good results with the left extruder and hard filaments (PLA), also with a closed door. In the last few days I had some successes in a dual extruder setup.

What helped:

  • Dry the filament! It improved the prints a lot
  • Ensure the E-Steps are calibrated (for some reason this was way of on my print head)

On my end, I struggle with flexible filaments (TPU) that get stuck. I printed the new door to ensure better cooling but I could not see a difference.

I would love a bit more feedback and suggestions on these issues from Snapmaker’s side.

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How do you calibrate the e-steps?

Hi Guys, there is already very extensive topic and solutions Dual Extrusion Head: Heat creep discussion thread on this forum.

In summery problem lay in poor cooling of the heat sinks. There is “official” module door replacement that works and earlier community door with fan, also termo-grease application to heat break - heat sink contact helps.



you need to set up a USB connection and then use Pronterface.
You can follow any guide on the net around.

Just dont use the Luban Console cause the Printer dosent answer. it seems deactivated.