Dual Extruder Woes

I am still having issues with my dual extruder. I reached out to Snapmaker and haven’t gotten much help other than a guide on how to fix first layer problems.
I attempted to follow the guide last night to see if I could get it to print better, only to get a giant mess on my hands.

I have never been able to get a great print out of my dual extruder. I am ready to go back to the single. If you look at the image of the bottom, is the little white sensor supposed to be tilted back(first image)? Also, any advice on how to get the filament out of the black nozzle cap? It’s pretty stuck… Yes, I know I should have waited to watch it start but I got distracted and came back to this.

I’ve tried a number of two-filament prints and they’ve all come out horribly. I now just use the two extruders to be able to print wholly using one of two filaments without having to reload an extruder. I’m tempted to invest in an IDEX printer like the J1, which should handle two-filament printing much better.

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If its only the cap, ask support about new.
Much heat and tweezers would help you at cleaning.

The leveling sensor should be mounted straight vertical not like yours.

I sent my photos to support. I was able to get the filament out of the cap with some work.
Turns out my proximity sensor is busted. They asked me to check the screw that holds it in place, and it looks like it was overtightened and the plastic snapped (hence the leaning in the photo). They said they would send me a new sensor. I have no idea how it broke and I can only assume it came like that since it has never worked properly.

I use an epoxy glass bed, so I can not use the proximity sensor and adjust the mesh leveling and z-offset manually.

The dual extruder performance itself is good, although it requires some finesse in handling.
This print took 10 hours 30 minutes with 522 tool changes and completed with no problems. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I had a similar issue with my sensor. I assume it was caused when a print job failed and the sensor crashed into the failed print job. The sensor itself still functioned, so I was able to repair by glueing it back into a straightened position.

The problem I have with the dual extruder is that the software doesn’t wait for the hot end to return from rest temperature to print temperature when switching extruders,which inevitably results in the feed gear stripping the filament and a clogged nozzle.