Front Cover STL File & Replacement Kit Update (Dual Extrusion Module)

UPDATE: 2023-08-22
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Replacement kit instructions

UPDATE: 2023-07-31
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UPDATE: 2023-07-27

We are excited to tell you that the replacement kit is now available! Since our last update, we have been overwhelmed by the feedback, and we want to express our gratitude for your enthusiasm and trust in us. We have changed the logistics method of the replacement kit from sea freight to air freight. So you will be able to receive the kit and use it much faster.

We have directly communicated this information to all Snapmaker 2.0 Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module owners and Artisan 3-in-1 3D Printer owners via email. If you are one of the affected users, kindly ensure that you have received our email titled "Important Update: Get the Replacement Kit Now! - Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module", which was sent out at around 8AM EST on July 27. It is crucial that you open this email and follow the provided instructions and use the provided code to obtain your replacement kit for free.

We highly encourage all affected users to act promptly and follow the instructions provided in the email to obtain your replacement kit.

Please note the following details:

  1. Please note that the replacement kit is intended only for those facing the specific issues mentioned above. If your machine is functioning normally, we do not recommend replacing any parts unnecessarily.

  2. Code usage limit: One-time.

  3. Multiple Machine Owners: If you own multiple machines and require a replacement kit for each one, we apologize for the inconvenience. Due to limitations in our online store settings, each account is eligible for one free replacement kit. If you find yourself in this situation, kindly reach out to our customer service team, and we will assist you promptly to resolve the issue.

  4. If you have not received the email notification but require the replacement kit, please check your email address associated with your official online store account, including your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the email, you can interact with Answer Bot on our online store to obtain the Coupon Code. Further information can be found in the FAQ section.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of the Snapmaker community. We hope that this news proves helpful to you. We hope that this is a helpful update for you. If you have any further questions, you can find answers on the FAQ page or contact our customer service team at

UPDATE: 2023-07-01

Hi Snapmaker Owners with the Dual Extrusion Module,

I have great news to share with you! After a thorough analysis, testing, and observation, we have identified effective solutions for the heat dissipation and buckle loosening issues with the Dual Extrusion Module. We’d like to update you on our latest plan.

We are currently preparing a replacement kit specifically targeting the reported issues. While the occurrence of each problem may vary, we aim to provide a convenient solution for the users who require it. The replacement kit consists of four different components, each addressing a specific issue:

  1. Silicone Buckle Wedge for the Dual Extrusion Module - Fixing the popping feeder levers.
  2. Front Cover for the Dual Extrusion Module - Optimizing cooling airflow with the improved design.
  3. Spare part for the Dual Extrusion Module filament sensor - Reducing wear on the trigger lever to prevent false alarms.
  4. Silicone Bed Shims (0.5 mm thick) for the Artisan 3D Printing Platform - Resolving incomplete contact in some machines during the leveling process.

Considering the traditional support service process where users have to contact our Support team for troubleshooting and arranging the delivery of replacement parts, it usually takes about a week. This time, we want to improve the efficiency of users obtaining replacement parts and resolving their issues. Therefore, we plan to make the replacement pack available for self-ordering on our official online store.

To show our appreciation, we will be providing all existing customers with a one-time free coupon for the replacement kit. When using this coupon, our loyal customers can enjoy a zero-cost purchase, waiving the additional logistics fee. However, due to the high logistics cost of international express shipping from Shenzhen, China, we plan to prepare the replacement kit in bulk and ship it to our overseas warehouse via sea freight. Once the pack arrives at the warehouse, it will be made available on our official online store. At that time, we will send out the replacement pack coupons and provide more information through official emails to our existing customers.

:bulb: Please note that the replacement pack is only necessary if you encounter the specific issues we mentioned above. Otherwise, if the machine is functioning normally, we do not recommend users to replace any parts.

Regarding the timeframe, we are in the process of preparing the materials for the replacement kit and plan to ship it by sea freight in mid-July. As an example, for customers in the United States, we estimate that the replacement pack will arrive at the overseas warehouse by mid-August and be delivered to users in late August. The sea freight time to Europe is expected to be around two weeks longer than to the United States. However, customers in China will receive the replacement pack earlier, as their logistics time only takes one to two days. We will closely monitor user feedback regarding the replacement parts and promptly share updates in the community.

Once again, we appreciate your understanding and support! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this topic.

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Original Post

Hi Snapmaker 2.0 owners with the Dual Extrusion Module,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your machines. I wanted to take a moment to update you on some recent developments with the Dual Extrusion Module. We understand that some users have been experiencing clogging issues (I learned it here: Dual Extrusion Head: Heat creep discussion thread), and we wanted to provide a quick solution while we prepare a more reliable one.

The following STL file is the updated version of the Front Cover. This improved design will help to improve air duct and cooling for the heat break. If you are experiencing clogging issues, we recommend you to try printing and installing this part on your Dual Extrusion Module.

I want to emphasize that this is a temporary solution. We have shared this to collect user test feedback, and we are preparing a more reliable solution. Once we have verified and prepared that, we will provide updates in the community. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

As always, we would love to hear from you! If you have tried printing and installing this updated Front Cover, please feel free to share your feedback and any suggestions you may have. We appreciate your input and look forward to continuing to improve the Snapmaker 3D printing experience.

Dual extrusion front plate.STL (220.1 KB)


Looks nice.

Printed with Transparent Green Resin. Am really excited for the results. Will send an update soon.


How long did it take?

Well I guess its worth a shot. I am having very little luck with any prints that are longer than a calibration type item.

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I’ll give it a try.
I haven’t been able to print a single dual extrusion print since I received this thing in early April. I can print just fine using either nozzle individually, but the minute I try using both, one or the other will clog, usually requiring a complete disassembly of the head to clear. I had -slightly- improved luck by removing the silicone socks from the hot end. But not consistently. I’ve honestly kind of given up on this massive, expensive AF paperweight. This DX is more like two individual SX in a single enclosure for all the good its done.

Also, updates to this issue should additionally be done directly to all users who purchased this head by email. It was random chance that brought me to this thread.

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I have designed a similar cover and it helps

I had one with a fan on the front but that didn’t help much more.

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@ArrMiHardies Thanks for the feedback on both the DX module and the notification. I hope that you will get better results with this solution. Looking forward to seeing your feedback.

myA350dxfrontplate.stl (223.9 KB)
Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 11.21.54 AM

hi folks, i have an a350 with all the upgrades and ive been having heat problems :slight_smile:
my test is the dual color octopus print model. pla+ @ 215c, bed @ 80c, closed enclosure, no fan

i started with hotend creep fails almost immediately using original front plate. i never had a feeder problem. using the new front plate model the experience switched to hotends being pristine and the feeders failing.

after over some 50 try/fails…ive learned things

i tweeked the model to fix my issues. the hotends are now always pristine when a fail occurs. i could not get the design to prevent the left feeder from folding. there is just to much heat…i was forced to turn on the enclosure fan and wedge the front door open a half inch to get a perfect print.

  1. i did not use heat paste. ive had the hotends apart so many times thati realized i couldnt possibly prevent the paste from going elsewhere.
  2. the biggest issue is staying ahead of the heat gorilla. in my case the number and length of print jobs effected results. its not obvious but the x module is a HUGE player in all this. my left feeder problem was directly caused by heat accumulated in the x module bleeding back through the print head mount and effecting the left feeder. so as you print the x module can get hotter causing failures…so cue the fan.
  3. settings are stock from latest luban.
  4. i found the location and size of the cooler ports to be the first challenge. in my testing i found that the dynamic air flow wasnt cooling the overall head allowing the feeders to fold pla. by making them “blocky” i got more turbulence and a better cool.
  5. i added a vertical separation rail it seems to help but i cant quantify it much.
  6. i needed some ports over the feeders to help cool them.
  7. i tried taping the right side but it didnt help cooling the left feeder

the obvious takeaways is the front plate needs to look more like this…
that staying ahead of the heat is the only way

that the x module absorbs heat faster then thought possible and quickly becomes one of the larger heat sources

if you dont have an enclosure then get a fan. a fan in the front plate seems good but it cant overcome or prevent left feeder folding. the longer you print the hotter the x module gets and will heat avalanche sooner or later back through the head. ie. if your job is quick enough you might make it if you had a cold machine. the fan should include flowing air over the x module

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about feeder locks. my dex came with the hard rubber inserts and ive had no problems with the feeders at all besides the heat making the pla soft enough that the feeder just eats it and wraps it around the capstan

i found i liked the rubber version. when the folding happens you hear a little click when the feeder tries to unlock because of folding but doesnt

myA350hotendbrd.stl (3.0 KB)

finally… ive had these heads apart a LOT. the contacts for the hotends are very fragile and easy to break. this model has helped protect them and i would add them in any case. there are notches on one side and they should be facing the pcb board

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see if my postings help your thoughts…good luck

the dual color octopus model i used for testing…it was brutal and showed all issues clearly

Replaced the front cover by printing the STL in PLA+ photos. I still have not been able to successfully print models using either the Snapmaker PLA support or PVA support. See video.

If any one has a recommended test model, can you please point me to it, thus far I have tried:

myA350dxfrontplate.stl (239.5 KB)
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 9.37.57 AM

hi folks, heres an update. this will print the dual octopus test with no fan and an open front door on the enclosure.

also a few notes on issues ive seen. the print head attachment to the x module transfers a lot of heat back and forth. this is primarily felt in the left extruder. if you are printing with filaments of two temps, always use the left feeder for the higher temp, it will help. in the past ive even blown air across the x module to help cool it.

once the hotend heat creep was better i started seeing feeder issues. i had a mechanical fail on the left. the feed tube that the filament slides in after the gears was loose and it slid up and down. when it slid down it left me with this

it would even wrap around the capstan gear sometimes. it would also get worse with heat. you can see where the tube should be on the right where the yellow enters it

How’s the printing now? If you still cannot make successful prints with this solution, please contact our support team and you will get further help. Support Ticket Form Hope that you can fix the issue as soon as possible.

Is the left (red filament) loading the TPU filament?
Could you tell me why do you think that the X linear module transfers a lot of heat back and forth? Generally, the linear module movement should not be a problem. Heat creep is mainly related to the heat inside the print head. Did you try detach the front cover of the Dual Extrusion Module and printing withouth the cover plate?

Hi! both filaments are plas. its not the movement. it seems to be that heat is transferred to the module where the print head spends the most time. in the dual octopus test thats about the center six inches on the module. with an open enclosure the module top area hits ~42c over a print using 215c. with the doors shut and no fan the top module area climbs into the high 50’s. which is the same measure on the plate that is attaching the head. at this temp the feeder filaments justs folds.

the bends on the right is on the feed tube at the bottom of the feeder. no stick. they are pristine in the hotends up through the heat areas. i cut the top and they slide right out. once the back plate attaching the head sees 48c+ i start to see the folding. using blocks didnt stop the folding

without the cover plate the hotends fail almost immediately with clogs. with the new dual front plate at the start of this thread i had pristine hotends but the feeder was folding and i found heat distortion in the coolers and above. i minimized this but it still can fold and the filament slides right out no swelling or kinking.
myA350dxfrontplate.stl (239.5 KB)
for me so far just works. IF i leave the front door open on the enclosure and no fan

also about the heating. in all the testing with long prints the left side was either a lot warmer or slightly warmer then the right depending on the front plates used. (measure at the front of the feeders). my thought is that the back of the feeder must be hotter. heat has been the only difference on folding.

in summary, im measuring the center top of the x module. i find that the temp tracks very well with the plate attachment for the head and the back of the head itself. the temps are about the same and when they get hot the filament folds exactly alike which is very strange to me.

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Hi @Jade – no, I cannot.

I continue to experience heat creep, specifically in the right extruder where the heat does not dissipate properly and the filament feeding in reaches a higher temperature before arriving at the extruded which causes the feeding mechanism (gear) to eat into the filament and stop extruding. I have tried PLA & PVA, PLA & PLA Support, ABS & PVA, PLA & PLA; PETG AND PVA – all have failed for the same reasons – see attached photos for reference, see specifically the photos of the red PLA filament in the debris created above the right extruder heatsink.

I have also already replaced the Dual Print Module entirely and created cases with support — see cases 145004; 139417

Can you please provide specific recommendations or next steps? If I have to open another support case, I am happy to but want to ensure this does not continue to swirl internally at Snapmaker and then I am “past warranty period”

Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 1
Photo 2

Hi, it’s good to know that you are communicating with our support team. You don’t need to open another support ticket. Please keep in touch in the current ticket. I believe that our support team will help you fix all issues.