Dual Extruder Filamente Runout Recovery Problem

Has anyone else had a problem with the dual extruder stopping the print and claiming there’s a filament runout recovery when there’s still plenty of filament and it’s still loaded?
Is there a way to disable the sensor so it doesn’t do this?

There is a small Switch at the beginning of the head. You can adjust this with opened Case. Or you can disable the runout Switch with USB connection and luban: https://support.snapmaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060908513-What-should-I-do-if-the-Touchscreens-keeps-showing-Filament-Runout-

What i already heard is that someone destroyed His Sensor with the PTFE tube which was inserted to aggressive.

@Wyphorn the case you refer to: Is this for the new dual extruder? The guide you linked in hardware-wise is for the old single extruder (the GCode is of course vaild for both). I was wondering if the DX is using micro switches again and therefore the repair procedure will be somewhat similar.

Hi, i did not opened my extruder myself, but a colleague did so on his DX and he told me that same mechanism of single extruder is built in there with micro leaf switches. So again the filament press a small button and releasing it dedicates missing filament and the print stops.

But carefully, just hearsay.

Yeah I’ve got the dual extruder - I tried opening it and it’s a little more complicated than the single extruder. Maybe I’ll see if I can send it back for a replacement. Is there any better write up on how to do the software thing? Is there a way to disable with the software permanently or does it have to be done each print?

Ok I figured out the console, it’s not that hard. My question now is if it’s permanent or do I have to disable the filament detection each time?

I think you need it each time. Maybe the Store Command (M500) save that setting permanent? I never tried IT and normally fixed my micro Switch (but Just on the single extruder yet).

I opened my tool head recently for replacing a PCBA. But it was not possible for me to find the runout sensor. Did not see any sensor in the easy opening part of the head. Other connectors are glued to the sockets and I was not able to disassemle it further.

It’s inside the metal feeder tube. I couldn’t find a way to get to it easily. But I did see it inside there.

Has anyone figured this out? In a 4-hour print my Dual extruder said 10 times it had run out of filament when the spool was still full, I don’t want to have to babysit the thing, kinda defeats the purpose.

I am having the same issue with my Dual Extruder head (left one).
I just pulled mine apart and the runout sensor in that is NOT the same as the single extruder.
I suspect it is optical or something like that. There are no micro switches near the path for either side, but there is part of the extruder gear assembly I could not see into.

I had to break down and send the M412 S0 command from Luban in order to get the damn thing to work again.

Snapmaker! Are you listening? There’s a problem with the dual extruder runout sensor in the early batches apparently.