Dual Extruder Filament runout errors

Hi all. Is anyone else having errors with the filament runout sensor? 20 hours into this print job the filament runout sensor has started tripping every few minutes. There is plenty of filament left but so far I’ve had to go through the reload process, except I don’t have to touch the filament, just follow the prompts on the screen. Any solutions welcome!



I was having same problems. No real solution yet other then disabling run-out detection every time you start you printer.

M412 S0

Filament Runout | Marlin Firmware (marlinfw.org)

Dual Extruder false run-out detection triggers - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

What did support say?

Apparently the filament sensor is a known problem and they plan on supplying a more robust replacement.

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Any updates/solutions on that? Today my Artisan started to act the same - every few minutes a filament runout though filament is there.

The repair kit for the dual extruder fixes this problem…


Be very careful when you install the runout sensor upgrade. There are tiny metal discs that are only secured in place when the sensor board has been screwed on and they’re easy to lose. Ask me how I know. I had to contact support, who just sent me a whole new repair kit free of charge within days. I need to get the second one installed now; in the interim, I’ve done the M412 S0 workaround.

One pet peeve about the upgrade: there are no written instructions. You have to watch a video, which I found to be very inefficient and probably contributed somewhat to my lost disc issue.

There is also a textual Version with few photos:

And for sure: when you disassemble such electronics: use a clean desk where you see when unexcepted parts fell off.