Discussion of Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates

Hi @OldFart , could you please tell me your ticket ID? Our support team will check it in the ticket system. The support team has been clearing out our email backlog after the holiday. (from the end of Jan.) Currently, over a half of the backlog emails have been replied. We have added more team members to help to solve the tickets since last week. The tickets solving is speeding up.

Hey Jade,

I believe it’s 133290. FYI, my original order number for the machine is SMUS2022422132


Jim Ster

Could you pin the Firmware Updates and Downloads thread? It looks like it became unpinned.

Yes. I found your ticket using ticket id 133290. The latest update from our support team is Feb. 14. We asked you to provide the shipping info for replacement parts delivery. Please check your mailbox to find that email. If you still cannot find that, you can send a new ticket to our support team with your shipping info. Hope you will solve the problem soon.

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Well Jade,
I never got that email.
Anyway, my shipping info is:

James Ster
5001 Portia Ct, Carmichael, CA 95608

Hi CNC-Maker,
Seems like these threads were pinned already, should be ok now, thanks for the report.

Here are the links below.

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Snapmaker J1 firmware: Snapmaker J1 Firmware Updates and Downloads - Snapmaker J1 - Snapmaker: where creation happens
Snapmaker Artisan firmware: Snapmaker Artisan Firmware Updates and Downloads - Snapmaker Artisan - Snapmaker: where creation happens

@Alan @Riskey Any chance we can have the M851 (Z-probe offset) G-code command opened up so that it can be used by people with custom z-probes to program their offset in all 3 axes? For example: I changed out my inductive probe for a capacitance probe, and due to the mounting of it, the x-axis offset from the extruder nozzle is 35mm, but I can’t tell the firmware to account for this change. I think that would be very helpful to quite a few users.


When i use the Firmware 1.15.19 or 1.15.20 i can not leveling my bed. I receive the error

Please shut down the machine and check if you’ve attached the toolhead throught the correct screw holes as instructed in the Quick Start Guide

on the Controller. With the Firmware 1.15.17 is the leveling possible.

Have anybody the same issue?

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@michaelapp Do you see a small red light on the print head sensor when you try the levelling? It indicates when the z-height inductive sensor probe thinks something is tripping it.

Looks like this…Adjusting the Probe - #6 by Edwin

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sorry, i forgot to mention that i have the dual extruder.

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After A350 firmware update(1,15,20), the files on USB stick with .nc extension aren’t listed.

Any help?? Thanks

@paulosergiopereira Do you have the laser tool head module installed? The machine will only recognize files appropriate to the currently installed tool head.

@Alan @Riskey I have heard and discussed with numerous users about the desire for the touchscreen software to be updated to allow for the “forced” auto-calibration of tool heads to be skipped. This has actually tuned into a bit of a safety issue in some cases. Such as where the machine has not been set up properly or has been modified, or the user is simply not prepared for what may be involved, and the forced auto-calibration could cause damage to the machine or injury to the user. Instead of the forced auto-cal, it would be better to give the option of choosing between auto or manual calibration. Another option would be to allow the user to just skipping the calibration entirely at first, and then tell the user with a pop-up that (also) for safety reasons the machine will not move from its home position (or other given spot) and the tool head will not activate until a calibration sequence is selected and completed, but then allow the user to clear the pop-up and browse through the rest of the touchscreens functions before doing the calibration.

Could we get something like that implemented in the not-too-distant future?


Hi @Mxbrnr , could you describe in greater detail the possible safety issues that the forced calibration could lead to, such as the “not been set up properly” and “user not prepared for what may be involved”? Or are there any other threads where I could learn more background information behind this feature request?

Sent you a private message about it.

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All these problems relate to non-professionalism, that is lack of softwaremanagement and testing procedures.

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New dual extruder installed. Everything works well; test article printed. One request; could you somehow add a page into the initial callibration to set your own temperatures? You have it set for Snapmaker PLA… but as an example I didn’t want to do a material change and had already loaded the break away PLA filament. That filament has a temp of 220c… which made the tests harder to accomplish (xy calibration worked, but the initial object test didn’t work).

Another thing I couldn’t figure out on the nozzle temp adjustment settings page… it has a temp listed but it fluctuates based on the gcode. So lets say I want to adjust the resting temp from 150c to 170c manually… how do I do that? Or, if the nozzle is resting, how can I adjust the ‘when active’ nozzle temp? I feel like there needs to be two sliders on those pages to let me adjust those two numbers independently as I troubleshoot.

Another point of feedback that wasn’t in the manual; if you’re on a version of firmware before the dual extruder existed (1.15?) you’ll need to update with an original head. The dual extruder won’t connect to the machine and you’ll never get to a spot where you can update. Simple fix was to attach my old print head, update, and then run the new head. But, I can see where that would lend to some confusion with the newer crowd.

Awesome product, test article is perfect. Can’t wait to see what I can do with this thing.

@Alan @Riskey Two observations on 1.15.21:

  • When I have it installed and check for available updates, it offers me the same version as update instead of saying that I am already on the newest version
  • I and at least two other DX-head-users since 1.15.19 have the head printing ~0.3 mm too high after Auto-Z-calibration. You need to compensate by a manual offset of ~ -0.3 mm (+/- 0.1 mm).

Sigo observando que la temperatura del extrusor DERECHO, y a veces el IZQUIERDO, no esperan el tiempo suficiente para llegar a la temperatura configurada después de estar en espera, (o eso marca en la pantalla táctil, en mi caso debería marcar 215ºc y está imprimiendo a 201ºc) produciendo un lio de hilos en la torre de cebado y en el modelo que se está imprimiendo, arrastrando esos hilos hasta el modelo que se está imprimiendo, echando abajo en muchas ocasiones la impresión o mezclando los filamentos.
¿Cómo debo solucionar esto? o ¿qué soluciones proponen?

It’s been 3 weeks and I still haven’t seen any packages or replacement parts from Snapmaker. Is this a joke?

I also paid for a dual extruder head for it and still haven’t received any confirmation that it is still coming.

This has to be the worst customer service experience I’ve ever experienced.

-James Ster