Disapointed Can't replace Filament

I got my replaced Snapmaker 3 week ago.
Today I tried to replace the Filament. So I heated up the Nozzle even to 250C and the Filament stuck.
I had to pull so hard that the Filament broke. I bought me 1.7mm Drills to push the hot Filament through the Extruder.
Without success I bought me an Ender 3 pro. What shell I say that is a way better printer. Now I have to send the Extruder back and wait for an replacement. The Snapmaker Extruder sucks totally, $800 for the Snapmaker and don’t has an auto leveling system. From time to time my Snapmaker forgets the Calibration I did, that sucks because I have to do every time a new Calibration.
Sorry for my review but I’m pissed in the Moment.