Also having trouble with inserting new filament, how to replace nozzle?

I had to replace my filament and now I can’t feed new filament in it. It just won’t go in. I followed the advice of several topics (heating the element, using a needle to clear it (can’t find one thin enough)) with no luck.

I did find a replacement nozzle/heating block in my box so: my question: is there any instructions or videos on how to replace the nozzle/filament block? I checked youtube and did not find any.

By the way, I love my Snapmaker3D. Much better prints than my other two printers. Now the print module with that stiff button is a different story.


@lasvegasjose it can be a bit of a challenge. The trick is to straighten the filament going in. You will feel the filament when it goes into the hot end. It has this squeeshy feeling. For more details, refer to my post here: Troubleshooting

Just got my printer working again. There was a 1 inch long piece of filament that the new filament could not push out. After opening the printer module and removing the nozzle/heat block to clear it, and reassembly, I just printed a new piece perfectly.

The video: was very helpful.


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I’ve stugglefd with filament replacement too. Here are the things that have helped me a ton:

Make sure you’re using Luban instead of snapmakerjs, it has a digital load and unload option on the Machine screen, which makes loading and unloading a TON easier. Not sure what they were thinking with that hardware button, but it’s the worst.

Though I’ve been told that you should cut the filament at 45 degree angle, I have a 3D pen and it instructed to cut the end blunt, so I tried that on the printer and found that was a lot easier to work with for loading.

I keep a heat gun (a blow dryer will work or even a lighter) near my printer, to warm up the last 3 -5 inches of the filament and straghten it out, getting as much of the roll curve out of it as possible - even a slight curve and throw off the load due to the pivot point touching the sidewall, pushing the tip away from the opening. Leverage baby! Only not in a good way. heh


  • Use Luban and the digital load/unload options
  • Cut the end blunt instead of pointed
  • Warm up and straighten the last few inches to remove any curvature

Hope this all helps you going forward! I’m a total newbie, so please take any advice i give as that coming from a total newbie whose just learning to solve these same problems and maybe completely wrong about any and all advice she is giving.




This should be the “solved post”
Good work @Artfulori


@Artfulori Do you mean you are using Luban to print to Snapmaker Original?

Do you need any printer profile to be loaded into Luban or stuff like that?



Ya Luban for the original! :grin:

It has the same basic profiles. I’ve adjusted the basic profiles a bit

Normal tweaks:

Initial layer height: 0.3
Initial layer width: 150%
Initial layer print speed: 18
Travel speed: 40
Initial layer travel speed: 20

But really I use those same tweaks on all the profiles except for travel speed, I don’t slow it down as much for fast printing.

I always use either broom or raft. This little guy needs a bit of runway to get going good.

Hope that helps!



Thanks @Artfulori just found out yesterday they have changed the name from Snapmakerjs to Snapmaker Luban when they could have prompted for an auto or manual upgrade in the Snapmakerjs app. >(

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