Able to purchase my second 3D printhead?

Dear Snapmaker (and Users),

The last few months I’ve been busy with my Snappmer quiet a lot… just fooling around with the laser engraver and then finally did some 3D printing again… I got curious about metall based filaments and bought a sample of bronze filament. As far as I knw, the original nozzles are too weak to print harder filaments like metal and wood, so I changed the nozzle to a harder metal nozzle with 0.5 mm gap.

But somehow the Snapmaker doesn’t like harder filaments? The bronze filament chipped a bit inside the toolhead I guess, meanwhile I was printing my second print it suddenly stopped with printing… no movement at all. I couldn’t move any axes inside snapmaker js en also on the little screen no reactions on any input I did. The 3d printing toolhead was pretty warm, nog that hot, just warm so I thought it was probably a software issue… but the other toolheads + software work flawlessly. I tried to look inside the 3d printer toolhead, and now I’m stuck with a 3D printer toolhead that’s disassembled and I can’t print anymore :sweat_smile: + :pensive:

Can I buy a second 3D printing toolhead for my Snapmaker ? I guess it will be around for 80/90 dollar-ish and I would like to pay for that (warranty is far over the 12 month limit + I broke it down)

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Get in contact with the support

The parts will be available later on our online store. For now you have to contact our support for your request of additional parts at

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Hi jck20,
I have exactly the same problem as Meike, but I used PLA filaments only and never had to change the nozzle.
My printer is still under warranty.
Any help?

Please put all the modules (3d, laser, CNC) for sale, besides the 1600mW laser, I’m willing to spend the $80-90 that Meike mentioned (unless my issue is covered by the warranty).