Delivery Delay at Customs

No clue on the ID number as I didn’t get anything like this, but you can find your backer number on kickstarter. Go to the snapmaker page. Click view pledge. At the bottom it will give you your backer number.

Hi @edeiller,

Since we choose another way to deliver you the Snapmaker, you don’t need to answer the survey we sent you anymore. Please ignore that email. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot ! :smile:

delivery programmed by FedEx Thursday 11 january !


Hi !
so I just received the today’s Snapmaker Monday instead of Thursday
Too disgusted I had to pay 118euros customs fees! it was not planned
knowing that I also bought additional trays and the box (3d printing spare and enclosure) that goes around that I did not receive with the package this morning !!!
Will I gave To pay an other customs fees ?
It’s AMAZING !!!
Please can you help me ?

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Edit: Nevermind, I got an update with status “Shipped” and a DHL tracking number today :slight_smile:

Hi guys, so how did you receive your tracking numbers? My Backerkit status is “Ready to ship”, will it update with a tracking number when shipped?
As backer #104 I kind of hoped the package would appear at my doorstep any moment now, however from today’s Kickstarter update I guess “the number of flights to the destinations” must be quite low to Norway…

Hi, it’s a shame to have worked with fedEx for europe. There are other companies more professional.
For items that arrive from China it’s the worst delivery company.

I had to pay 150 USD more tax.


Hi, I’ve received the Snapmaker and I’ve been printing with it non-stop. When I originally backed the project on Kickstarter, I decided I couldn’t afford the CNC module, but then when I finally received the survey, I decided to add the CNC module with Backerkit. The entire shipment arrived without the CNC module even though I have paid $69 for it.

I’ve sent a mail to support almost two weeks ago and have not received a reply. I know everyone is really busy now, but I fear that things are falling apart if I can’t get a reply in two weeks by email or by Facebook.

Can someone help me either get refunded or send the module?

My laser cutter module is stuck in customs, with DHL insisting they need my Social Security number, plus something called an Accession number for the Food and Drug Administration. I don’t have the latter and have no intention of surrendering the former. What a mess.

This has become a real problem now. Customs is demanding that I fill out FORM FDA 2877 (8/17). I have no idea what information to put in there. The laser module is going to be returned to Snapmaker on June 26th unless they give me some of the information for this form. HELP!

Sounds like Snapmaker didn’t check the requisites for importing high powered lasers into the US. Requiring your SSN is bogus and probably illegal. They should be able to make do with a state issued ID (e.g. driver’s license).

Sorry to hear about your problem and no contact from Snapmaker. I backed them on KS back in April 2017. Although I received all the shipping status emails, the last stating that all Snapmakers have been shipped, my backer # is not on the list . I sent several messages, which all have gone unanswered, I’m growing ever more impatient.
What is the deal with this company? If they responded to my emails and told of any problems, I’d feel a little better.
So anyway, hope yours and my problems get resolved soon.

The higher power laser finally cleared customs, I didn’t have to do anything else (except complain…)

One again I placed an order before others in my area, this time for the laser cutter. Three weeks later they have received theirs and I still haven’t received any shipping information. The basic answer I’ve been given is mine will not be shipped till the next batch. So there is clearly no loyalty to earlier costumers. This will be the last thing I buy from snap maker. Horrible service.