Shippment of Product(Beta test Group)

hello Snapmaker,

On the beta shipment to the US have you had any problems reported? My shipment has been held up in customs for about five days. Working with FedEx to try and find out the reason. Is there a specific email that I can use to contact you with my FedEx tracking number, to see if you can help me get this released from customs?



We have been receiving complaints about clearance delay these days. We sent all the information needed to the logistics company to proceed customs clearance yesterday. The days before that, we were filling in forms for FDA. The packages are going through normal procedures and everything is under control now. Examination of electronic devices in the U.S.A. is strict these days, so it may take more time to finish customs clearance. To sum up, all you need to do is wait. Your Snapmaker will finally get home.

You should improve the Fixation of the heated bed in the package.
It was “flying around” in the box when I opened it.

Same boat here. Shipment to the US, stuck for over a week and not moving yet… :frowning:

Got a notification that the Container in the United States has been cleared shipment’s should be being delivered. Mine will be delivered tomorrow.


Mine will be delivered tomorrow, too. Cool. :wink:


Wow, mine cleared too! 10 days for clearance in my case (for those who come after us). :slight_smile:

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Thank you for bringing this up to us. We have made a new design and this problem will be solved in the next production.