Delivery Delay at Customs


Hey guys just checked in with FedEx tonight my package still shows it’s in the Bondcage in Anchorage Alaska.The FedEx computer if use the tracking number says it’s out for delivery I went to my hold location which is also where they load the FedEx trucks and they double check for me it’s still in Anchorage probably with the rest of them they may clear for flight tomorrow morning.


@all About 24 hours ago, we got the news that customs clearance for all the packages to the US was done. However, the FEDEX picked up the packages only a few hours ago. Please keep your phone accessible or contact FEDEX directly for the delivery details.


Like we communicated 4 days ago, we sent you the wrong tracking number but the package was delivered correctly. We are sorry for the mistake and we know you were angry. However, respectful communication is expected here. Next time you want to swear, you can shout it out loud, but please don’t spell it out here. Thank you!


Hi! I have not received a formal call back on the trace FedEx initiated yesterday. However, I called FedEx again and the agent said that the shipment was in the “pound” referring to a cage in customs. He could not verify that the shipment has been released. Still puzzled by the shipment scans between Alaska and Tennessee. It makes no sense. Can you please try and verify if the shipment has cleared customs? Thanks, Richard


USA: My Fedex tracking now shows that the package is local. It bounced to state/county/city facilities and is now “out for delivery” on a local Fedex truck. In theory will be here by 8PM … and this time it looks real.

It was stuck in Alaska as of yesterday. But now has been updated through Memphis all the way here.


Hi! That is great news! It means the shipment has cleared customs. Now, FedEx has to update the status of all the remaining tracking numbers. I live in a small state (ri), maybe they are still trying to locate it. Thanks for your update., Richard


Better yet: It just arrived!

Open Box


Mine just arrived about an hour ago. I had to assemble it and start my first print before I posted. Very happy so far.



Glad to hear that! Eventually they will locate Rhode Island, but at least now, I know that the problem is with FedEx and not customs. Enjoy and thanks for the feedback!


Well good for me I suppose as I’m based in Anchorage, AK. Hopefully as soon as the rest of the Snapmakers get sent out, my house will be the first stop :slight_smile:


Are you still in contact with fedex? What is the latest update? I haven’t seen any change on the tracking since the 13th.


Hi! Mine was that easy until early today then it updated and said out for delivery. It arrived 4 hours after the update. I never did get a call back on the trace. I live in Rhode Island. The shipment appeared to have gone through Indiana to Mass, then to RI. I hope you get yours by Friday.


Just checked. Only 7 packages are being delivered. All the others are safe and sound in there home.
Please PM me your backer number. I will check it for you.


Rainie, I pmed you my backer number as you requested and re-explained the situation. You sent me back a canned response telling me to take a video of the problem… please help me figure out where my snapmaker is. I got an email from snapmaker saying my snapmaker had arrived but it definitely hasn’t arrived and the tracking still says it is in Alaska…


Anyone else still waiting on their snapmaker? FedEx seems to have lost mine. All they could tell me is they contacted the “shipper” on the 16th and were waiting for a description of the package. I told them it was a snapmaker 3d printer… so maybe that will help them find it. The person at FedEx I spoke to really couldn’t comprehend what a 3d printer was… At any rate hopefully Snapmaker can reply to the request from FedEx and can help FedEx out…


FYI: From a shipping box standpoint, it seems more like a large screen laptop box. Whereas printers are more like a cube, this comes flatpacked and unassembled.

If I had to describe it, the actual box looks like it could have a monitor or two laptops in it. Generic Cardboard box, no markings: 19"x32"x6"


Sorry, I mistook you for another person.
Please wait. The logistics company is checking what happened. We will get back to you when we have updates about it. Sorry for the waiting.


The person I spoke to said they lost it in Memphis TN.


My colleague Sheila is communicating with FEDEX. She said FEDEX lost the package and they are looking for it. We will keep you informed here or through email.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello everyone,

so I received an email with this object: “[URGENT] Snapmaker needs some info from you to deliver your reward”

They need additional information to deliver me.

I click on the link of the mail and I arrive on a form asking me for this information:

What is your TFN (Tax File Number)?
What is your ID Number?
What is your Backer Number for our Kickstarter project?
What is your email address that associates to your Kickstarter account?
Regarding the TFN I think it’s the tax file number but I do not see why they ask, more is not mandatory not *
However for ID Number, what is it? my ID card number ???
The Backer Number where do I find it?

Thanks in advance for your help.