Delivery Delay at Customs

Hi! I received a notice from Fed Ex that the shipment has been held up at customs in Anchorage Alaska. Any update as to when it will be released?

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Me, too. Sent a PM with a link to the fedex notice to Rainie … hoping for a reply soon.

Dito on the customs problem here, but my order of PLA resin came in today along with a new multimeter. All set for when the SnapMaker shows up. Don’t think I am going to have it tomorrow for my Birthday. Hopefully Thanksgiving… :frowning:

Same. I’ve emailed support@ but haven’t heard back. I’ll update here if/when I do. Is this only happening to shipments going through Anchorage?

Same here - I called Fedex, they said the entire container/shipment was being held, and that Customs could release it any time. They advised me to just wait.

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Good job. Thanks for letting us know!

I also spoke to FEDEX, they told me my package was in a container of items from abroad. they are waiting for the container in whole to be cleared. They also mentioned that the Food & Drug Administration was the one holding up the clearance. They said if wasn’t waiting on any additional docs but that it could be held 24 hrs to 30 days.

Hi all,

Just get the information from the logistics company that the package have arrived in customs and been in the process of customs clearance. Once clearance is completed, the logistics company will arrange delivery. We will let you know once we get the good news.


Thanks for the update! Happy Birthday Hank!
I am looking forward to receiving the snapmaker, and I am sure that everyone who ordered one will be happy to know when it clears customs.
Thanks to all for your prompt feedback, Richard


I’m also working with FedEx (same issue) the printer(s) are in the bond cage in Anchorage. If FedEx gives me the actual reason why it’s held up I will post a form. They said I should have the information in the morning.

It took more time than we thought to pass over the information to the customs department. The information was sent from us more than 30 hours ago.

I got an email from you this morning and you sent my order to f*cking Bulgaria, I live in the United States. But thanks for the email letting me know that dhl will probably return it to the incompetent company that is snapmaker, this issue needs to be resolved ASAP!

Just had a call with FedEx and they state that the customs department is awaiting a correction in the paperwork submitted

Mine is held up too. I think all the US units are… That kind of stinks hopefully we will get them soon.

Just checked with Fedex - Mine is now showing as “In Transit” with a delivery date of 11/13 (tomorrow)!

I can’t wait! I hope all of yours are released too.


Mine will be delivered tomorrow, too! Cool :wink:

Just got an update from FEDEX saying my SnapMaker is in Tennessee and will be at my door tomorrow evening 11/13 by 8pm. Very excited to see it finally arrive.

Hi! I checked the FedEx website and it shows that it is still in Tennessee. Although it says delivery today, FedEx cannot confirm that the package has left their facility. I am waiting for a call back from FedEx after they initiated a trace. That was 4 hours ago. Their agent was helpful but couldn’t get a specific location, hence the offer to trace. I will post an update when I get the call. If anyone has received their snapmaker, can you please post that fact. That will help define if it is the shipment or just a few or one that are missing. Thanks, Richard

I just got off the phone with Fedex - EVERY ONE OF US SHOULD CALL AND COMPLAIN!!!

so while it shows that it was released, one of their internal systems (which is the one that will initiate movement of the box) still shows it has not cleared customs. So they are ALL stuck in Memphis (confirmed by the international rep that I spoke with). They initiated an investigation, but for now, we’re all stuck waiting again.


Well, the release was very early this morning. It’s possible that while it’s been cleared for release, it has not yet actually been picked up and Fedex will continue to show it as “in customs” until it gets picked. Not like they would have had a trucker standing by for our pallet. Still has some automation to get landed on a truck and out.

I hope. lol

(Have you ever seen one of those facilities? Freakin’ huge. Complex.)