Artisan delivery/shipping notification

Just wondering if anyone who ordered in the beginning of October 2022 has received any notification of shipping yet. According to “Pre-Order Shipping FAQ”, my order should ship by January 20th…Hoping this will still be the case.


I doubt that it was shipped by then. My order for the dual extruder got pushed back twice. Was supposed to go out between Dec. 20th and Dec. 27th, then between Jan. 4th and Jan.14th. Still nothing…no email, no tracking number, no communication about it being late. Unfortunately, I think this is par for the course with Snapmaker. :person_shrugging:t5:

Hi nola7820, most units in the first batch of Artisan have been sent out this week. However, the tracking number info has not yet been sent out. Our service team is preparing an email update on the delivery and tracking status, which will be sent to you very soon. Thank you for waiting patiently.

Hi Riskey,
My order was placed on October 7th, is mine in that batch, or the next?

Yes Zbig, yours is in the first batch. :wink:

Excellent!!! Can’t wait to get confirmation and tracking info!!:+1::sunglasses:

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Mine should be in the first batch as well. However, I got an email this morning saying that “most units” of the first batch are now at sea. I don’t know what percentage “most units” entails. Due to Chinese New Year, they’re not expecting tracking numbers until around 1/29.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Rather a bit too vague. It would be nice if they had just posted the order date of the last one shipped. Now it’s pins and needles until the New Year… :thinking: :grimacing:

Hope we are in the first batch!

I ordered in late August, so I should be.

Does anyone know the carrier used for deliveries once it gets to the US ? Is it Fedex? UPS?

My order was placed August 8 and I still don’t have any shipping info. I have another order just for materials and I don’t have any info on that one either.