It SHIPPED! and other trivia


4/7 Finally got my shipping notice!
Kickstarter# 3013 (if you also waiting and wondering)
Ship list (here) updated @ KS# 3230 on 4/8.
Survey answered 11/19/17
Credit Card charged for extras: 3/12/18
Shipping began 3/29 routing via UPS
BackerKit shows shipped 4/7/18
It says it’s being shipped from: CIL FREIGHT INC, MONTCLAIR, CA, US
To USA, UTAH, Salt Lake City
4/18 Status changed to “Origin Scan”
4/20 Received it.

Maybe I’m one of the very few here that don’t have their SnapMaker yet?
No longer, had to change my vote! :slight_smile:

  • Don’t have my SnapMaker yet.
  • Got mine. Love it.
  • Got mine. It’s ok.
  • Got mine. Having problems.
  • Just visiting the Forum.

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Dear @Tone

When you finish going through the court system and you do the jail time; you can lie on the analyst couch and tell your tales of woe, that it all began because you did not have a Snapmaker when you were growing up…

No matter, your path to redemption will be arriving soon.

Have fun and keep out of trouble.



Finally got an update on my shipping status. Updated to “Origin Scan” meaning that they finally took possession of it in California. So from what Raine said in the latest KS update that they shipped them via sea for USA destinations. So even though you get a tracking number from UPS, I believe that just means they put it on the boat and it may be 2-3 weeks before it gets to the states.



Let us know when you join the party.

Take care and have a great weekend.



I got my shipping notification email on 4/10 and UPS doesn’t have the package in their system yet. I hope it’s not one of the packages that are supposed to take 4 weeks.


Where you located?123


I’m in Texas. I was a backer on FitForLaunch.

According to UPS, the originator is CIL Freight, which is a freight forwarding company. It confirms my suspicions that the packages are being sent by ship from China to California before entering into the UPS system.


I would think you’re in the same batch as mine only a couple days off. Mine is due to be delivered today. That’s just 2 days after the status changed to “Origin scan".


One of my packages (10 lbs) entered the UPS system late yesterday and is due for delivery early next week. I believe it’s the enclosure. The other one (20 lbs), which I believe to be the actual printer, is still in limbo. Snapmaker sent me two tracking numbers but UPS actually has three tracking numbers for my address from the same shipper. Whether the extra label was in error, I don’t know.


Got it. IT LIVES! I’m on my 5th part already. Glad it didn’t have any problems.
Now I just need to try hooking it up to my OctoPi. Actually these first 5 parts I sliced with the Cura on OctoPrint. Seems to work well so far.
@kelvin8r your Minimal Spool Guides are what I printed first. I should have ordered some bearings and had them ready and waiting. :wink:



That is great news, may the filament be with you.

Keep having fun



I’ve come to the conclusion (and I hope I’m right) that the printer and enclosure went into a bigger box before being released to UPS. There’s still no change on the other tracking numbers. I’ll find out on Tuesday.


Well, it appears that either UPS screwed up and didn’t do any initial scans on the printer package, or CIL Freight trucked it to Dallas before handing it over to UPS. In any case, the package I suspect of being the printer is out for delivery today. The other package is still on track for delivery tomorrow.


Got the printer. I love the packaging. I’ll probably start assembly with Loctite tomorrow evening.