Calibration issue digging into mat

Hello. I’ve had my machine since March, haven’t been able to enjoy any of the features yet. It took about a month or so to figure out my controller wasn’t working (the support team is amazing). I’m trying to calibrate the 3d
I have followed all of the suggestions in other forums with regard on how to adjust the probe/proximity. how to manually adjust. So many how to’s. (over 10 things I’ve tried, some twice).
I have the latest firmware version.
I am brand new at all this and am still learning the verbiage and terminology.
I look forward to any suggestions available. Thank you.

@xchrisd here is the thread. Thank you

Share pictures of your machine and a video about what fails. Shut the machine down before something breaks :wink:

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Uploading: image.png…

video forthcoming

That’s not digging, that’s a full on crash as if it didn’t even know it was there. What did support say? And is the bed now messed up? It sounded like the threads just kept going even after it came to a full stop.

The bed is messed up. I’m waiting for a reply. I have since sent the images and video as shown above.

Are you at the latest firmware from the forum?
Is it possible to Jog the y axis (bed) from the touchscreen or PC?
If you home, there should be some movement of your bed, to hit the end stop twice.
Does the proximity sensor (level sensor or bed sensor) light up if you actuate it with a metal spatula or a knife?

One additional point:
I am a user like you, no snapmaker staff.


But a very helpful one that is very experienced lol.


The firmware updated yesterday the version I have is: Snapmaker2_V1.12.1_20210419
There is movement when I home.
I can jog with no issues.
The proximity sensor is lit up using the metal spatula.
I appreciate the assistance

Try jogging the z axis down to middle, then home it, does it go up?

done. goes home correctly

Please make the same with your bed y-axis and tool head X-axis.
I can’t see movement on your video of Y.

when jog all the axis, everything goes back smoothly when hitting home

@xchrisd it moved over just a bit before going down directly on the mat. I can take another if needed

Check to make sure the converter cables aren’t crossed up, and that they are then connecting into their proper ports on the controller.

Edit: I’ll let @xchrisd help you, he’s more experienced, I don’t want to get you confused from 2 people giving you directions. I’ll keep watching though.

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@Artezio just checked again. they are correct

I can’t uploas my phone video…
If you go to calibration, the machine homes.
Now the bed moves back and the tool head comes down. This is the process of 1.12.1
Please make a photo of your about machine to get sure you are on the latest firmware.