Snapmaker 2.0 Calibration

I finally got my Snapmaker 2 and put it together yesterday. I am trying to start with the 3D printer attachment but cannot properly calibrate.

When I run the calibration the Z axis moves up and down properly. X axis moves left and right properly and the Y axis moves all the way back (head to the front of the bed) properly. It also homes without issue.

After the first three calibration points at the front of the bed it tries to move the Y axis forward to get to point 4 but it just makes a humming sound and the bed does not move forward. I have updated the firmware to the September release with no change in calibration except that the display is a little different.

I again hit the home button and everything moves fine but it always freezes the Y axis during calibration. I don’t see a topic on the board for this but does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

As I answered in a other thread a few minutes a go:
Make a video about would help.
Disassemble the bed and the piece under the bed to let the axis drive freely to see from which module the issue comes.

Search for linear module in the forum, may help.

Problem resolved. I was following xchrisd’s troubleshooting steps and found that the one Y axis cable was a little loose. I pressed it in more firmly and now everything is working. Thanks!