Brand New to 3D Printing - 37 hour printing time normal?

Hi, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

As I said in the subject, I’m brand new to this, so please excuse my ignorance - and please also point me in the right direction if you’d rather not answer.

I received my Snapmaker 2.0 yesterday, got it all set up and started the first demo print as instructed in the manual. I have two questions.

  1. With the default settings that the manual instructed me to select it’s saying the vase will take 37 hours to print; is this accurate? Is this what I should normally expect in terms of print times?

  2. I noticed that in the adjust settings menu I can raise the printing speed to 500%! (This thing goes to 11!!) I’m expecting there is some quality loss with this, yes? What speed settings do you all recommend?

Thanks again for reading! Looking forward to being a part of the community!

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Hey @demoniousrex, welcome!

For the vase, there is a quality profile for it, its called “caselibrary.vase.AXXX.quality”.

For future questions it would be nice to have a gcode+stl, maybe also a picture (the 3d object you want to print), so please upload it.

In this special case, you want to print a vase.- There is a preference under “Surface”, this is called “Spiralize Outer Contour” see the screenshot:

The print with this profile needs about 4hours.

Generally i would say, its a lot of trail and error learning 3d printing.

My favourite settings are:

  • layer height of 0.2mm (looks nice enough for my most prints)
  • initial layer width 120% (to get better adhesion)
  • initial layer speed 8-12mm/s (cause of adhesion problems of my unflat bed)
  • layer speed about 40mm/s (depending on the wanted quality)
  • wall thickness 1,2mm (depending on the model)
  • top bottom thickness 1,2mm (same)

Here is a useful thread which may also helps you in the future:

Hope this helps!
Feel free to ask again :wink:


You sir are awesome! Thank you. Gonna take me a bit to get all the info you provided … But awesome! Thank you so much.

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So… Thought I’d post an update. Had to stop part way through. Restarted with the settings above and was able to get the total time down to 2 hours. It was doing way more than it needed to and it’s because I set the profile wrong on accident. Thanks again for all your help!


Yeah. The bigger you go, the longer it lasts. This half of a small subwoofer enclosure takes quite a bit to print.

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