Getting Acquainted with my Machine

Hi Guys
I’m fairly new to Snapmaker and getting acquainted with my 2.0 machine. so far I’ve tried 3D printing which I’ve had success in but now I’m trying the laser cutting and I think I’m having some problems.

So I’ve created a simple file with a mixture of cutting and engraving, used the recommend setting and even tried the default settings as shown on the videos but basically it’s saying that it will take 2h 25m to do. to put in perspective the boundary of the cut is 150mm x 100mm with a couple of extra bits on the side (image attached fo ref!). what I want to know is if this timing sounds correct or am I doing something wrong.

Estimates are usually way off.
But since you haven’t really shared any of your settings don’t really know what to tell you. Which mode? Speed? Density? Number of passes? All of those affect how fast it will run. Power and dwell time only affect darkness.


So initially I was using the setting as suggested on the Snapmaker website as attached. This was coming out at 2h 45 mins, then I changed it to the default settings as the video showed. this brought it down to 2h 25 mins.

I even tried both settings on a simple square and one was showing to take over 2 mins the other over 1 minute which to me doesn’t seem right.

I dont think laser is a particularly fast process. I havent really tried doing it yet personally.