Reducing the Printing Time

Hello there!

I am just starting with 3D printing. I am taking a 3D design course, but I have already assembled my printer and wanted to begin by using some of the free designs I found on the Internet to see how it all works.

Maybe it’s a cliché, but I am really struggling, so I am hoping you guys could guide me. The issue I’m facing is that regardless of the settings I use, everything I try to print takes a long time.

For example, I found this design:
The website says it would take about 4 hours to print, but when I try it, it shows it will take approximately 18 hours.

The only difference between my settings and the ones provided on the website is the line height. My Luban’s maximum line height is 0.24 mm, while the website suggests using 0.28 mm.

It’s the same situation regardless of the settings I choose, whether it’s vase or model, fast or rough finish… It just doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I understand that there’s still a long journey ahead of me, but I wanted to play around with it, and this issue concerns me a lot.

4 hours on Fast Quality seems a little quick, but 18 hours is excessive. Which print quality setting are you using? Did you disable infill and increase the wall thickness like suggested? Both of those are settings you can Customize in Luban.

I assume you’re using Luban, but you didn’t say.

My printer is small, I can only print wall-honeycomb-106x89.stl. Which specific file are you printing?
In my (slightly) customized High Quality mode w/ 0.04mm layer is 11 hours. Switching to 0.32mm layers is 90 minutes. This is still using the lower speed of the High Quality profile, not the higher speeds of the Fast Print profile.

You can customize that value in Luban, just the default profiles only go up to 0.24mm. It’s not recommended to make your layers any thicker than 80% of the nozzle width, but I’ve printed things I don’t care about with a 0.4mm layer height just fine.

There aren’t that many factors if aiming for speed and disregarding quality to a large extent.

print speed
layer height
nozzle size/line width
infil %
Wall thickness
bottom/top layers (on sheet shaped objects)

Welcome to your new love hate relationship :slight_smile:
When you ask for help with settings, try to provide as much info us possible about what are you starting with.

  • What software and it’s version
  • Settings of a particular sliced model
  • What hardware do you use.

This way we don’t have to guess and can be much more helpful and precise.

@Rwide listed a few things to play with, try changing those settings and see what will happen.
For giggles, try to setup prusaslicer with everything default for your hardware and slice the model, at the top left corner, you will see what part of the print takes the longest, and you can try to optimize for that. Kinda crude way.

I can add that printing largest STL from the set took me 6 hours with single extruder 04 nozzle, with petg. Snapmaker 2.0 a350t.

Once the machine is fully calibrated, speed/acceleration can usually be increased a fair amount to reduce print times, but the design of the Snapmaker 2.0 and Artisan tend to limit this quite a bit before the quality of the print begins to suffer. SM Devs are currently working on a new firmware expected to release in the next couple months that will allow those speeds to be raised further, but there are still both physical and digital limits to what it can do in its current design. It is not a “speed machine” by any means.