Snapmaker Artisan True 3d printing and max speeds

Hello, I have been pushing and trying to see the acceleration max speeds for the Snapmaker 2.0. I am wondering what people have found their max speeds to be with

  1. 3D Printing
  2. laser Engraving
  3. CNC

I understand there are many things in the settings that limit this. However, it is possible to make it go faster in the GCODE etc. I am really wondering what the max print speed really is with this upgraded model as it says in the documentation 180mm/s. However, I can make my Snapmaker 2.0 do this and get very generally “Good Prints” out of it with “Older” hardware.

Would any one know if they have done the prints with certain speeds set then increaseing them and seeing if the print times have changed or no to be at least half of what they would be of 180mm/s? So essentially can you get it to 400mm/s?

This would make them comparable to the k1, x1, a1 p1, ankermake etc in terms of the ability cost wise?

I am a beginner with 3D printing here. Using a Snapmaker A250 and Cura for slicing, only in my third week of printing.

I found that when I was using the recommended settings for print quality (fast, medium, fine) I did not get very good quality. Even after trying different layer sizes (0.06mm, 0.04 mm, even 0.01mm), there was no noticeable difference in print quality.

Then I tried experimenting with the work speed. I pushed it to max speed mid print and found a stark difference in print quality i.e. it had gotten much, much better. I am afraid of damaging the printer though, working at the maximum speeds. But the print quality has become very good.

If someone can guide me what is happening here and how I can improve the print quality, I would be grateful.

This is not your topic. Open your own one to get community support.
The magic number of layer heights is 4, this means you could print layers with a multiple of 0.04mm and the quality is repeatable.
A change of 0.02 is not really repeatable for the machine because of servos micro stepping.

I guess you are fighting overheating.
Share pictures and settings.

Thanks. I will make it a new topic. I thought it was related to speed so posted as a reply.

I don’t see a problem with using this topic, especially as the original question went unanswered, and it’s basically the same subject.