Black lines on camera capture

Hi all
I’ve just received my A350 and i can’t stop playing with it, it’s cleary an mazing toy !!!
I’ve got an issue with camera capture for laser engraving background, there is 2 big black line on the generated picture.
Attached, a screenshot of the printing board plate.
Is it normal ?

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Am i the only one having this issue ?
Strange …


I got this issue to… and yesterday, I don’t have anymore Camera Capture button on Snapmaker software. Any helps or inputs will be appreciate!


Are you running on windows 7 or windows 10 ?

I am having similar issues with my Camera Aid. Except I just get blocks that are a different colors instead of pictures. Not sure what is causing this or how to fix it. Everything seems up to date.

I am running Windows 10. This is happening on both of my computers.

I have similar problem. I close the app and increase the room light.

Your camera calibration is incorrect, you might need to redo the camera calibration.

My calibration is just perfectly on lines of the square :

But i still having these bloody black lines !!!
The support don’t know what happen, the original pictures looks right but then, after being stitched, there is lines on the left side of each picture…
I’m still waiting an answer from the support.
We’ll see.

Hi all
Please find below the answer from the support :
Our software engineer have tested the latest version of the Snapmaker Luban today.

It will solve the black line issue when it is released later.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will post the latest information about the software and firmware in the official forum:

Have a good day

Let’s wait and see…

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New version of Snapmaker Luban


Mar. 3: v3.2.0

  • Feature: Add connection timeout config on “ Settings ” (defaults to 3s), which allows “ Connection ” widget to wait for serial port response longer. (#229)
  • Fix: Reduce stripped black lines when stitching camera capture images. (#231)
  • Fix: Fix wrong coordinates when laser engraving for the first time. (#232)
  • Fix: Cancel the limits on laser material thickness. (#233)
  • Fix: Fix the problem that on “ Connection ” widget, the dropdown box is too long to be selected (#235)
  • Fix: Use “M3 P100” when generating CNC G-code, prevents user accidentally set spindle speed at a lower rate (while SM2.0 controller prevents spindle to work at low speed). (#235)

Snapmaker Luban for macOS

Snapmaker Luban for Windows 64-bit

Snapmaker Luban for Windows 32-bit

Snapmaker Luban for Linux 64-bit

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Option 2

Snapmaker Luban for Linux 32-bit

Option 1 (recommended)

Option 2

Hint : To start Snapmaker Luban on Linux, you need to:

  • Add your user to group dialout : sudo usermod -aG dialout [your username]
  • Start executable: snapmaker-luban (.deb version) or ./snapmaker-luban (compressed version)

This is still happening and I just upgraded my luban yeserday and my firm ware w/ laser module today. :frowning:

What do I need to do to fix this?