Problem with camera calibration

Hi there,

I’m having repeated issues with the camera calibration for the laser module. When I perform the camera capture, there are black lines in between stitching. After I confirm, the black lines are gone in the workspace, but the image is not correct.

I’ve tried multiple times performing the focus and the camera calibration, and all appeared to go fine. I’ve used the post scan box calibrate function multiple times, but it does not change the black lines.

I found a post discussing these black lines but it was a bit old, recommended a firmware update that would alleviate the issue. My device is up to date…I selected the update option in settings and it said I was up to date. Is there a procedure to update the firmware of the laser module itself, like there is for the CNC?

I guess your capture is good enough to laser engrave, there is no need to read the text for the camera, only the dimension matters…

Camera capture is very buggy and i would recommemed some searching in the forum and or reach out to support if you need to.

I used the feature once, manual focus and setting of the work origin is saver for me.

Manually updating only one module doesnt work if it isnt outdated, i guess.