Camera Capture All Black

Just received my A350 this week. 3D printer working fine. Now trying the Laser feature.

Two issues so far:

  1. First attempt at setting the focus using Auto Focus failed. Prompt said to “pick the best line”. Based on what criteria? The lines go from lightest to heaviest from left to right. Not sure what it is that I’m looking for. --This attempt was before I updated the firmware to the 1.10 version that includes the enclosure capabilities.

  2. Updated firmware and tried auto focus again. This time it succeeded. Moved on to using Luban. When clicking on the Camera Capture button, it went through the motions to move to the 9 places, but all the images are black. Can’t align anything if the images are all black. And I did have the LED light strips in the enclosure on. What am I missing here?


For me, the “best” line was the one that was darkly engraved, not barely, looked ‘complete’ in length given the pattern, and the finest with no overburn. You’re going for focus and I think it’s just stepping height while keeping the same power level.

As far as the camera goes mine shows a weird jigsaw nonsense puzzle, so you’re not alone. I haven’t dove back into lasering after a couple quick tests yet to dry and diagnose but there’s other posts that indicate the camera might be angled a bit in my case. In yours I’m not sure. Did you have something to take a picture OF like a white sheet of paper, or just the black laser base?

Here is what my camera what my camera captured.
It was mostly black with a whit bar across it. When it did the calibration it told me calibration failed and I had to choose the best line myself. I would like to post a picture but don’t see an attachment button.

Found it. The first is what the camera capture gave me and the second is what was on the bed.

This is what I had on the bed

That happened the first time I used the laser: it just showed the same corner shots.

Hit the Calibration button and you will be able to assign those to corners and then read in the rest of the image. Only has to be done once.

Thanks, I was able to get it to work.