Camera Capture all black and/or missing

Hey folks,

I’ve been using the printer and CNC toolheads on my A250 for a while but just wanted to try the laser. I went through the autofocus procedure, camera capture calibration, and when I open it up in Luban and go to “Camera Capture” > “Add Background” (also not clear on what “Remove Background” option is, clicking it does nothing) then “Start”, the image fills in as the machine captures the images, but the image is all black. Then, if I click on “Calibrate”, it shows a fragment of the bed, but not all of it. I currently have a 150x150mm white square in view for the camera capture calibration, but it’s not even showing that in its entirety, let alone the rest of the bed.

Do I have a faulty camera? Is Luban just being flaky?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@richgilbank I assume this is the 1.6W laser? Have you tried recalibrating the laser/camera by using the touchscreen? I believe that is the only way to do it. The laser has to cut the “broken square” and then capture it with the camera, all via the touchscreen. After it does that, then you go into Luban and do as you have done with the “add background” and “calibrate” functions there.

Hi richgilbank, did you plug the connector of the toolhead cable into the laser module in the right direction?

BTW, you can use “Remove Background” to remove the captured background (if the Camera Capture works normally…