Available Now: New post-processor, tool library, machine configurations, for Fusion 360

Hello Snapmakers,

I’ve been learning a bit about CNC with my A350T and Fusion 360 and I’ve created a tool library for all the tools that were available from Snapmaker on the time of purchase. I’ve also created a machine library with 2 Snapmakers A350T (one with and other without the enclosure), and I’ve created a new post-processor with more options than the original one, with some improvements, with bypass of some Fusion 360 free limitations making the machine fast traveling from one place to another, with support for variable spindle speed and that handles both CW and CCW rotation, etc…

Please take a look and download from the GitHub repository at:

Below some images to show what I’m talking about…


WOW! Thank you so much for all you’ve done!
Can you please add also the A150 machine?

I’ll see about giving it a test, it’ll save me a little hassle editing the gcode by hand for rapids.

Updated with new machines: Added A150 + A250


Added A150 to the Machine library!

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Thank you so much man!

Thanks for the great work, I add and believe this will be my main setting usage.

This looks awesome, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to trying this out!

@Ksdmg thanks for your input on GitHub!

I’ve updated the post-processor following your indications.

Tool head is now raising to the machine maximum Z instead of 9999 and at a faster speed of 3000mm/min going up and 1500mm/min going down (configurable on the post processor).

That’s awesome, thanks :smiley:
Just a question, what do you use this for? I tried to use it as toolchange timeframe, but was not able to get the precision I needed. I have printed a simple L shape that I can hold on the toolhead and the end of the tool and was hoping I can use this as a neat way to change the tools. But just being 0.1mm off is enough for the end result to look aweful X)

Honestly, I saw the opportunity and just implemented it…
I’m using it mainly to vacuum and to be able to change the tools you need to make sure you have the length outside of the tool head the same on all used tools.

One easy way is to adjust all tools to the same depth with a “collar lock ring” as on the images below…

Thanks for the great info.

Thanks for all the hard work.

From where did you source these very nice “collar lock rings”?


I have them supplied with some of the tools I ordered from AliExpress… Other than that, I use the standard ones from the drilling bits.

A quick search shows some alternatives:

@dreasi0n , when importing the Machine profile I get “An unknow error occurred meaning machine cannot be loaded” and when importing your post-processor I get “Invalid post processor” No issue with the tool library.


That is really weird. I’ve not updated the post processor or machine library in a month.
What machine are you getting the error with? And what F360 version are you using?

I’ll try to check the import process again today, as soon as I get back home (in 5 or 6 hours) and I’ll report back.

Used the SN2.0 A350T with and without the enclosure. Fusion 360 is 2.0.12888

Ok, I’ve just tested all machines and the post-processor and all is ok.
I believe you are saving the files individually using the browser and that does not work that good.

Please “Download zip” by selecting the green Code button as seen on the image below:

Then extract the folder Fusion 360 from the zip file and import from there.
I believe this is the problem.

As an alternative, to download just the files you need, please open each of them, select raw, and from the page that opens right-click and select save as as on the images below.

Try it out and let us know if it worked…