Community Tools Library for Fusion 360 (CNC bits)

Have a look, contribute if you like.

If you look at the related posts (a couple pasted below), you’ll see lots of complaints and confusion at how the tools library available for download doesn’t actually match what they sent in your kit! I was frustrated and decided to start a tools library that we can keep up to date. It doesn’t have all the bits in it, but just the ones I’ve used so far. Feel free to help expand it to everything which SM has for sale.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it a try soon

Thanks! This is awesome and very appretiate.

I’m looking forward to see if someone can succesfully create the V bit. I haven’t been able to create it and use it for adaptative clearing (or any other kind beyond sport drilling).

I haven’t done it but I’ve come across this answer before:

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Seems straightforward.