Ask Me About Rotary Module Here

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Repost of the same link from somewhere above: Trello: snapmaker-public-roadmap

Another question for you guys. Where do you think is the most convenient place to buy the cylinder materials for the rotary module if you purchase it?

Within the U.S., so far I’m not finding any CNC epoxy resin tooling boards that are cylindrical. I’m only finding blocks (Amazon has some). Cylindrical wood rods are easy to find.

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As you trying to get us to help you find a source to sell raw materials? Hehe

McMaster Carr has plenty of cylinder materials - fiberglass, wood, various plastics, metals, you name it. Not the cheapest in town but surely the most options.

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Yea, lol

Even their wood stock that I see only goes up to 2" diameter. Over that you can’t get it in cylinders.

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Can the jaws take much more than that anyhow?

Sure, machine a grip onto it. It has a live center, shouldn’t be any weird forces it can’t handle.

Just buy a lathe.

Or set the square stock on end and cnc just enough of the end for the jaws to hold it.

Of course if you’ve tried playing with the new Luban 3.14.0 you’ll probably just decide to stick to laser. Or realize that you’ll need to pay for Fusion to enable 4th axis support.


We have a plan to put the raw material for the Rotary Module on our online store, but I am wondering if there is any more convenient way for users to get the cylinder materials at your end.

I find Birch Rods, Oak Rods and Maple Rods in McMaster Carr.
If these materials are easy-to-get for users, we would like to arrange some tests on them and provide the proper working parameters to avoid potential accidents.


McMaster carr is quite expensive, but carries a wide variety of commodities. They are very efficient when it comes to shipping as well.

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It’s not bad at all!

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Any idea when the SM2 Firmware update to support the rotary module will be released? I received my A250 rotary module this week and I’m dyeing to try it out.

Edwin posted a pre-release FW, regularly it will be released on April 1st:

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Oh snap you gota update all the modules? Is there something in place for people who burnt out their laser or something? lol

id like to say surely you had the foresight of that, but just putting it out there…

I will forward this request to our firmware developer and see if they will enable some G-code commands which is related to the driver settings.



Tutorial Video for Rotary Laser Engraving Feature

Tutorial Video for Rotary CNC feature

If the user is able to choose where to mount the rotary module to the build plate, how does luban know where the clamp jaws are?