Rotary module -which software for CNC?

I received a advertisement about rorary module for A350.
Does anybody know with wich software I can control it ?
The firmst vidos are showing a Laser application.
But what about CNMC ?

This is themost interesting app.
And until now Luban has nearly no support and features for 2d CNC - what abouir 3D CNC ?

Or are the videos the same “type” they used in the Laser advertisement for the camera ?
An application that does not work and cannot work untill today.
I’m waiting for more then 1 year to use this “promised feature” camera.

How long have I to wait until there is a support for 3D CNC with rotary module ?


I’m afraid the answer so far is that they plan to have Luban to control it.
If you look in the Luban support folders there is now a 4th axis folder with a couple sample STLs:

By the way Luban works with regular CNC, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much.
I think there’s a reason they’re only showing the laser at this point.

You can always pay for Fusion 360 to unlock the 4th axis.