Rotary Module Model Suggestions?

First-time serious post here, just received the Rotary Tool with the Emergency Stop Bundle. Everything is working as expected and have some photos to share:

This wasn’t my first print on the Rotary Tool, I first tried with this model:

The reason I started with this one is that I seem to have an intermediate knowledge of the CNC function, I have done some very successful carvings with Fusion360 with the thanks of a couple of youtube videos, (mainly for resizing the mesh to my stock using scale.) will post here or on my blog about that later.

However, the problem I seem to be having is the ears, I’m pretty sure I just need to load the model into mesh-mixer and be creative about adding another support to give more surface area so it doesn’t wobble and snap off, which later causes the stock/round to then shift as it is no longer supported to the tailstock.

As my experience is only Intermediate I was hoping if there was another way, for the settings in Luban I left everything as standard except for the L: 100 D: 32 for the stock. I also selected the first profile with a dropdown of around .5mm instead of the one with the test piece that steps down at 17.5mm (A whopping 85h work time but alas it never got that far.)

I also provide the pictures of the “test pieces”. The pink one, which also brings up a valid point anyone knows what the name of this material is? It stopped at around 24hrs in, I left it running overnight, (yes I know that I should be monitoring it.) and the spindle was spinning but the rotary module and the x+y were lifeless musts of been a bug or something no idea what it was just turned it off and decided to try again on the 32mm pine dowel.

That one didn’t even make it past the first hour as it snapped the 6mm spacing disk, which was more like 3mm in some places due to the displacement because the ears are not exactly in the center.

If anyone is able to help would greatly be appreciated just reply here or DM me.